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The Hollywood Photographs Blog

Vintage Brown Derby Restaurant photos

Vintage Brown Derby Restaurant Photographs & History

The website is the largest collection of Brown Derby restaurant photos. With photos of all four restaurants, all photos are available for purchase.

The First Brown Derby Restaurant

Angelenos have always had a fondness for whimsical architecture, including fast food stands shaped like hot dogs and drive through the doughnut snack shops. The original Brown Derby, a restaurant shaped like a hat, was the most famous and popular of them all. It was certainly the most eye-catching place to emerge on Wilshire Boulevard in the 20s. Located across the street from the ambassador for hotel, the Derby Leeward diners with a sign purchased on top of the crown urging them to “Eat in the Hat.”

Many versions of just how and why a derby was chosen have been...

Don The Beachcombers Restaurant Photos

Don The Beachcomber Restaurant Photos

Photos of Don The Beachcomber Restaraunt ar very rare. Some of the best vintage photos are on the website. All photos are vailable for purchase.

Don the Beachcomber photo

The story of Don the beachcomber began shortly after prohibition. A small-town Minnesota school teacher with a big imagination named Cora Irene Sund saved enough money so that she could move to Los Angeles and secure a job as a waitress at  the tick-tock restaurant ., Cahuenga Avenue. Cora Sue met and inventive bartender, Ernest Gantt, who served exotic rum drinks at his tacky tropical bar located in a Hollywood Hotel. His moniker was Don the beachcomber. When the schoolteacher...

Tick Tock restaurant Photos

The Tick Tock Restaurant in Hollywood

Although it didn't sparkle with the glow of bugle beaded gowns shimmering in candlelight were witness a parade of chauffeured Rolls-Royces at its welcome mat, the tick-tock restaurant earned a special standing in Hollywood's history.

Tick Tock PhotoEven without glitter, the tick-tock, located at 1716 North Cahuenga Ave., in the heart of downtown Hollywood, was a well-liked restaurant known for serving keeping portions of comfort food to Hollywood's residents, actors, and studio craftspeople who couldn't afford to dine in the cities more popular restaurants. While only Francis X bushman would admit to frequenting the humble tick-tock, everyone did. 

New Tick Tock Restaurant

In the 30s and 40s, the restaurant was popular for its three-course dinners; in those days the...

The Cocoanut Grove Photos & History

The Cocoanut Grove Photos and History

The largest collection of Cocoanut Grove photos is on the website. All the photos are available for purchase. 

Cocoanut Grove Photo

Famous Cocoanut Grove 

The Cocoanut Grove epitomize the symbolic relationship restaurants enjoyed with the picture colony, each enhanced the others reputation and Basked in the others glow.

The fancy dress Coconut Grove emerged on Wilshire Boulevard at an auspicious time. In the 20s, Hollywood stars were beginning to define glamour for the world, and press agents were eager to help out. The coconut Grove, which looked...

Country Church Of Hollywood Photos

Country Church of Hollywood Photos

One of Hollywood's most unique churches, the Country Church of Hollywood, and is beginning shortly after Dr. William Hogan, and his wife Virginia, and their five children arrived in Los Angeles in 1932. The website has the largest collection of the Counrty Church of Hollywood.

Dr. Hoag had been a Methodist Church circuit preacher in the Cumberland Mountains of Tennessee prior to World War I and later became a well-known evangelists in the  south.

Shortly after arriving in Los Angeles he approached radio station KFAC with the idea of broadcasting a 30 minute program each day, which, first for the first 10 minutes, he portray a country preacher visiting rural families in fictitious “goose Creek”. the first broadcast of the country Church of Hollywood took place on Monday January 2, 1933. Rather than use his name in the...

More Early Hollywood Photos

Sturtevant's Photo

One of  Hollywood's first residents ws Edmund Sturtevant, who devoted his land to the cultivation of tropical water lilies. In his Cahuenga Valley Gardens were rare species from South America, Japan and Egypt. The Lotus was his favorite, and it flourished in all sizes and tints. Most impressive to the tourists was his Victoria regina, whose pads were so large that they were able to support a child, and were so displayed for visitors. Photo from the website.

Hollywood Blvd. photo

1901 Hollywood Boulevard was originally called Prospect Ave. and Hollywood was known as the Cahuenga Valley. In 1903, the residents of the Cahuenga Valley voted to...

Hollywood Airfield Photographs

The largest collection of Hollywood Airfields is on the website. All the photos are availble for purchase.

Hollywood Airfield photo

1919 The Chaplin Airdrome was located on the south side of Wilshire Blvd, and west of Crescent Blvd. Across the street was the DeMille Field #2. 

DeMille Field #2 Photo1Mercury Aviation at the DeMille Field#2 at Wilshire Blvd. & Crescent Ave. 1919

B.H. DeLay Photo

Famous pilot, B.H. DeLay posing in front of a bi-plane at the Chaplin Airdrome in 1920

Jack Dempsey Photo...

Hollywood Canteen History and Photos

Hollywood Canteen History & Rare Photos

The most complete and accurate history of the Hollywood Canteen is in the book titled, “THE HOLLYWOOD CANTEEN”, by authors Lisa Mitchell and Bruce Torrrence. The book tells the real story about the most popular place for servicemen to go when in Hollywood. The book has over 150 rare and historic photographs of the Hollywood Canteen.

Hollywood Canteen photo

Paulette Goddard at the hollywood Canteen website

The largest collection of Hollywood Canteen photos is on the website....

Laurel Canyon Photos & History

Laurel Canyon Photos and History

Laurel Canyon is a secluded valley that supplied water to farms at the base of the canyon and some hillside grazing to sheep ranchers. One of the earliest farming estates was owned by Charles F. Harper, near the entrance to Laurel Canyon. Harper was a Civil War veteran who immigrated to California and made his fortune in the hardware business. He retired in 1895 and moved to Hollywood, where he "enjoyed the evening of his days" on his 480-acre estate in Laurel Canyon. Photos of Charles Harper and his home are on the website.

Laurel Canyon photo...

Hollywood Aerial Photographs

Hollywood Aerial Photographs

The largest collection of aerial photos of Hollywood is on the website.  The collection has more than 1000 rare and vintage aerial images.

The pioneer aerial photographer, Robert Spence, took thousands of photos from his bi-plane.  Many of his photos were taken using a large format camera, which used 8X10 inch and 4X5 inch glass negatives.

Hollywood Airfield photo

Hollywood Airfield Aerial Photos

Some of best aerial photos in the collection are of some of Hollywood’s airfields.  Cecil B. DeMille founded an airfield near Fairfax Ave. & Melrose Ave.  Later, he established another...

Vintage Garden of Allah Hotel Photo

Garden of Allah Hotel photo

The Garden of Allah Hotel was locaated on Sunset Boulevard at the intersection of Crescent Heights Blvd. Silent screen actress, Alla Nazimova, paid $50,000 for a ninty-nine year lease for a spanish style home at 8150 Sunset Blvd., with three and one half acres of tropical plants, ferns and fruit trees. after months of construction to build thwenty-five villas or bungalows around the pool, Ms. Nazimova's Garden of Allah Hotel opened its doors on January 9, 1927. An eighteen hour party took place to celebrate the new hotel's opening. The great depression and wall street's crash took Alla Nazimova's hotel and fortune. In her last years she was ill and stopped...

Earl Carroll Theater Photographs

Earl Carroll Theater 

One of Hollywood's most famous theaters—known over the years as the Earl Carroll Theatre, Club Hullabaloo, the Aquarius and, most recently, Nickelodeon on Sunset— has won landmark status as a Historic-Cultural Monument.

Earl Carroll Theater photo

1942; The front entrance to the famous Earl Carroll Theater on Sunset Blvd.

The largest collection of Earl Carroll, Aquarius and Hullabaloo photos is on the website. All the photos in the collection are available for purchase. The website can provide both digital images and actual photos.

Photo of Earl Carroll Theater...

Vintage and Rare Hollywood Photos

Hollywood Walk of Fame photo

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is one of Hollywood's most popular tourist attractions. In 1958, the first eight celebrities to have their names placed in the Terrazzo sidewalk were Joanne Woodward, Ernest Torrence, Ronald Coleman, Burt Lancaster, Olive Borden, Edward Sedgwick, Louise Fazenda & Preston Foster. Of the eight, only Joanne Woodward posed by here Walk of Fame star. In the 1960s, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce took over the responsibility of determining whose names were going to be placed in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. After a while, the the dedication ceremonies were beginning to be attended by hundreds of adoring fans. Since then, thousands of celebrities have been inducted into the famous sidewalk. Hundreds of ...

Rare Hollywood Canteen Photos

Rare Hollywood Canteen Photos

The largest and rarest collection of Hollywood Canteen Photos is on the website. There are over 500 vintage photos of he Hollywood Canteen.

Hours away from being shipped off to Europe’s battlefields or back on US soil for a brief reprieve, there wasn’t a single American serviceman passing through Los Angeles in the 1940s that wouldn’t have lined around the block for an evening at the Hollywood Canteen. Set up in an abandoned nightclub near Sunset Boulevard, if you were wearing a uniform, entry was free, as was the food, drink and entertainment inside the club. But what set the Hollywood Canteen apart from every club other in Hollywood at the time was that it was entirely staffed, six days a week by celebrities...

Hollywood Photos from

VJ Day photo

When Japan surrendered during World War II (VJ DAY), thousands of Hollywood workers and residents flocked onto Hollywood Blvd. to celebrate the end of the war. The traffic came to a standstill while the happy crowd revelled in their excitement. It was like a ticker tape parade in New York, when workers in high rise buildings threw paper out of the windows. Photo is from the website.

Hollywood Theater photo

The Hollywood Theater was the second movie theater to be opened in Hollywood. The first was the Iris Theater which was in a store front,...

Vintage Photos of Hollywood from

Earl Carroll Theater

One of Hollywood's most famous theaters—known over the years as the Earl Carroll Theatre, Club Hullabaloo, the Aquarius and, most recently, Nickelodeon on Sunset— has won landmark status as a Historic-Cultural Monument.

Earl Carroll Theater photo

The largest collection of Earl Carroll, Aquarius and Hullabaloo photos is on the website. All the photos in the collection are available for purchase. The website can provide both digital images and actual photos.

The Earl Carroll Theater debuted on December 26, 1938 and was designed by architect, Gordon B. Kaufmann as the West Coast counterpart of a theater...

Early Hollywood Photographs

Early Hollywood Photographs

The collection is one of the most important collections of historical photographs of early & historic Hollywood. The collection, of over 12,000 prints, was assembled by Hollywood historian, Bruce Torrence. The collection is divided into ninety subject categories. These include  Barnsdall Park, Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood hotels, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Sunset Blvd., Hollywood restaurants, Hollywood theaters, Hollywood nightclubs, Hollywood Legion Stadium, Hollywood Canteen, and many others.

C.C. Pierce, Photographer

One of the early Hollywood photographers was Charles Chester Pierce. An engineer by training, Pierce migrated to Southern California in 1886 and began his photographic career in...

Vintage Photographs of Hollywood from

Farmes Market Photo

In 1934, the Farmers Market was founded near the intersection of Fairfax Ave. & Third Street inLos Angeles. For years, the Farmers Market was one of Hollywood's  most famous and popular tourist attractions. Most of the bus touring companies had their busses visit the Farmers Mrket. From the website.

Walk of Fame Photo

In 2010, country music star, Alan Jackson was inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The first celebrity to pose by a Hollywood Walk of Fame star was Joanne Woodward. She was one of eight celebrities, including Ernest Torrrence, to be the first to be inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame. From the

Old Hollywood Boulevard Photos

Old Hollywood Boulevard Photos

Hollywood Blvd. Photo

1900: This photo is looking west on Hollywood Boulevard from Goweer St. Until about 1915, most of Hollywood Blvd. was a residential street. Later the street became one of this country's most popular and glamorous boulevards. From the website.

Hollywood Blvd. & Wilcox Ave. photo

This photo of the northwest corner of Hollywood Blvd. & Wilcox Ave. was taken in 1900. The home was the residence of E. C Hurd. The streetcar and electric car is traveling east and west on Hollywood Blvd. From the website.

Vintage photo of Hollywood Blvd....

Historic Hollywood Photos

Hollywood Police Photo

In 1910, the residents of the City of Hollywood voted to have their small community annexed to the City of Los Angeles. The police department took over Hollywood's city hall and used it as Hollywood's police station. It was located at 131 Cahuenga Ave, just south of Hollywood Blvd. Photo from the website.

Pantages Theater photo

In 1950, the Academy Awards were held at the glamorous Pantages Theater on Hollywood Blvd. The Panages Theater was the last of the five palace type of theater built in Hollywood. The largest collection of Hollywood Theaters is on the website.

Pan Pacific Auditorium Photos...