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The Hollywood Photographs Blog

Many Vintage Hollywood Photos

Gilmore Stadium Photo

1949: Gilmore Field was the home of the Hollywood Stars Baseball Team. Located on Beverly Blvd. near Fairfax Ave., the stadium was popular with Hollywood residents and many movie stars.

Photo of hollywood Blvd.

1936 Hollywood Blvd. was one the country's most famous shopping streets in the country.

Hollywood land sign photo

1936: The Hollywood sign originally read Hollywoodland.

Florentine Gardens Nightclub...

Vintage Hollywood Restaurant Photographs

Montmartre PhotoVintage Hollywood Restaurant Photos

The largest collection of Hollywood restaurant photos can be found on Bruce Torrence’s website.  There are hundreds of photographs covering more than 50 Hollywood restaurants.  

Montmartre Club

For years, Hollywood was known for many of the countries finest and most popular restaurants.

In addition to the increased retail business on Hollywood Boulevard, several fine restaurants and nightclubs have been established. One of the most popular, especially with the motion picture colony, was the Montmartre Cafe. Founded by Eddie Branstader in 1923, it was located on the second floor of the C. E. Toberman Building ...

Sunset Strip Photos

Sunset Strip Photos

The question of the geographic boundaries of Hollywood is been the subject of debate ever since the small community was annexed to Los Angeles in 1910. As mentioned earlier, the corporate limits of the city of Hollywood extended from Center Street (now Normandie Ave.)  on the east 2 Crescent Ave. (now Fairfax Ave.) on the west, and from the top of the Santa Monica Mountains on the north, to Beverly Boulevard on the south.

Sunset Blvd. photo

After annexation in 1910, Hollywood retained its identity as a district, with essentially the same boundaries as before. However, as Hollywood began to grow and gain in  the east and west boundaries were unofficially extended to Vermont Avenue and Crescent Heights Boulevard respectively.

Sunset Strip Boundaries


More Vintage Hollywood Restaurant Photos

Barney's Beanery photos

Opened in 1920, Barney's Beanery on Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood, was an instant success.

Brown Derby Photo

1939: The Brown Derby restaurant on Vine St., in Hollywood, was the second Brown Derby restaurant. The first restaurant was located on Wilshire Blvd. and was in the shape of a  derby hat. The Hollywood Brown Derby was very popular with both Hollywood residents, businessmen and entertainment personalities.

Musso Frank Photo

Musso-Franks Grill on Hollywood Blvd. is the oldest restaurant in Hollywood....

Hollywood Sign Photos & History

Hollywood Sign Photos & History

After the motion picture industry settled in Hollywood in 1910, Hollywood began to experience explosive growth.  As Hollywood’s population grew, so did the demand for housing. 

Hollywoodland photo


On March 31, 1923, to help satisfy this need, Harry Chandler, publisher of the Los Angeles Times newspaper, Moses H. Sherman, Director of the Pacific Electric Railway Company, and his brother-in-law, E. P. Clark, announced the formation of a syndicate to develop a real estate tract known as Hollywoodland.  Located at the north end of Beachwood Canyon, the 640 acre parcel had been acquired by Clark and Sherman in July,...

Vintage Hollywood Bowl photos

Vintage Hollywood Bowl Photos and History

By 1951, the Hollywood Bowl was experiencing tremendous financial difficulties. Whatever the reason, the brutal fact remain that attendance of the first week of the 1951 season averaged only 4795 customer per performance – an audience so small that it literally rattled around the enormous Hollywood Bowl. It should be noted that the capacity of the bowl was over 17,000 attendees.

Hollywood Bowl Photo

It was apparent that if something wasn't done quickly the bolt would be forced to close. The Board of Directors of the famous amphitheater porn appointed an executive and reorganization committee headed by Dorothy Buffum Chandler, wife of Norman Chandler,...

Hollywood's Rudolph Valentino Statue

Hollywood’s Rudolph Valentino Statue

Rudolph Valentino was born on May 6, 1985 and wasn't Italian actor naturalized American started in many well-known silent films including the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, this sheet, blood and Sand, the Eagle, and the son of the chic. He was an early pop icon, a sex symbol of the 1920s, who was known as the lead lover or simply as Valentino. He had applied for American citizenship shortly before his untimely death at age 31, which cause mass hysteria among the female fans and further propelled him to iconic status.

Valentino's crypt photo

Rudolph Valentino's Death

His death left the movie world in a state of shock. Valentino's funeral in New York was the...

More Paul DeLongpre Residence Photos

DeLongpre photo

1905 Paul DeLongpre was one of Hollywood's most prominant citizens. He built this fine home on the northwest corner of Prospect Ave. & Cahuenga Ave.

DeLongpre residence

1906: The Paul DeLongpre residence was Hollywood's forst tourist attraction. Visitors would travel to his home on the streetcar and tour his gallery.

DeLongpre Art Gallery Photo

1907: Paul DeLongpre's residence was filled with many of his paintings. Visitors were allowed to brouse through the house to view his art..

DeLongpre Residence's garden photo...

Hollywood Palladium Photos

Palladium’s Opening Night

On October 15, nearly sixty eight years to the day that the Hollywood Palladium ushered Los Angeles into the swing era with a grand opening performance of the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra featuring a young Frank Sinatra, rap mogul Jay-Z took the stage with his own 12-piece Roc Boys ensemble. The Hollywood Palladium is located on Sunset Blvd., just east of Argyle Ave.

Palladium Photo

Backed by a mega-screen featuring classic 30’s gangster imagery, he launched into his two hour set with a track that perfectly defined the moment for the 4,000 fans in attendance and the city celebrating a new beginning for the historic facility:...

Chinese Theater's Anniversary

The Chinese Theater Anniversary.

This movie icon lives right in the heart of Hollywood and is about to turn 90 years old, but she’s still as famous as ever, and millions of people come to visit every year. Some have even signed their name and squish their hands and feet right in her forecourt, while others have left behind the imprint of a dreadlocked, I knows, a leg and a fist over the years too. 

Other nights there is the flash of paparazzi cameras and a roll of red carpet as smiling celebrities way that fans before heading into the historical legend that is that TCL Chinese Theater, a glamorous picture palace that held Oscar ceremonies in 1944 1945 in 1946, and has hosted glittering premieres for decades.

Surprisingly, many people who visit the Grand Am don't realize she's not an elaborate prop, a theme park ride or restaurant. In fact she's always been a working movie theater...

Hollywood Sign History #7


As mentioned above, the 1973 Hollywood Sign repair was simply a facelift. The missing or damaged pieces of sheet metal were replaced.  Then, the coats of green primer were applied, followed by white paint. For the next three and a half years, the only damage to the sign was to the several pieces of sheet metal that were damaged by wind.  The photos I took in November 1977 show the sign to be in intact.  Less than three months later, the sign sustained very serious damage. This occurred on February 10, 1978 when, according to the WeatherSpark website, the highest sustained wind speed was 33 mph. The highest wind gust speed was 44 miles. Typically, the average wind speed for February is 6 mph. From February 5, 1978 through February 11, 1978, Los Angeles was ravaged by lighting, rain and hailstorms.  A February 6, 1978 Los Angeles Times article stated that...

Hollywood Sign History #6



For years, the date of 1949 has been accepted and written as the date the letter “H”, of the Hollywoodland sign, was knocked to the ground. The most accepted story was that it was blown down in a windstorm in 1949.  Of course, the tale about Albert Kothe driving, while drunk, over the summit and knocking down the letter “H”, is totally apocryphal. While viewing microfilm at the Los Angeles Public Library, I found a April 12, 1947 Los Angeles Evening Herald article which showed a photo of the letter “H” lying on the ground. The caption read, “ --- where the H used to be before a wind blew it down five years ago.”  I then located a Los Angeles Times article, dated March 27, 1944 in which actor, Pat O’Brien stated, “ --- that a recent windstorm made...

Hollywoodland & Hollywood sign photos

Hollywoodland sign

The Hollywoodland sign's construction was started in about late October 1923 and finished during the first week of December, 1923. It was first illuminaated on December 8, 1923.

Hollywood Sign dedication

Sometime in December 1923, Harry Chandler and others dedicated the newly constucted Hollywoodland sign.

Hollywood land sign at night

1924: Tthe Hollywoodland sign at night.  The sign was illuminated with 3,700 ten-watt bulbs.

Peg Entwistle Photo...

Hollywood Sign History #5


As mentioned above, the sign was a problem for the M.H. Sherman Co..  The cost to maintain it was expensive and it didn’t seem to help in stimulating potential buyers to purchase lots in the Hollywoodland subdivision.  On September 19, 1936, the second letter “O”, from the left, collapsed, due to wind.  The two telephone type poles remained standing because they had been repaired with iron “spuds” and cement in January 1935.  Two days after the letter “O” collapsed, a detailed inspection and report was written about the condition of the sign. This report accompanied a letter, dated September 22, 1936, from Hollywoodland manager, Gilbert A. Miller to J.H. Risheberger, with the M.H. Sherman Co.  The report indicated the sign’s...

Griffith Observatory Photos & History

Griffith Observatory Photos and History

Colonel Griffith Griffiths

The Griffith Observatory and Hall of science provided for by Col. Griffith Griffith four years before his death, presented some problems. As in the case of the Greek Theatre, Col. Griffith selected and stipulated the exact site for each. The location selected for the observatory and Hall of science was at the very top of Mount Hollywood. Even the means of access was decided; it was to be a particular railroad from the head of Vermont Canyon to the mountaintop. This, in turn, was to be reached by the extension of the street railway at a 5 cent fare. All of these details were intended to be in the interest of the public.

Photo of Griffith Observatory...

Chinese Theater Hand & Footprint Ceremonies

Chinese Theater Hand & Footprint Ceremonies

Chinese Theater Construction

On Armistice Day, November 11, 1925, the first rivot in the steel girders was driven by the beautify actress Anna May Wong.   The ground breaking ceremony was attended by Sid Grauman, Charlie Chaplin, Anna May Wong, Conrad Nagel and Norma Talmadge.  

Photo of Chinese Theater

Chinese Theater’s Grand Opening

The Chinese Theater had its grand opening on May 18, 1927, with the premiere of Cecil B. DeMilles’s epic film, “King of Kings.”  Hundreds of celebrities attended the grand opening, including actor, Ernest...

Hollywood Sign History Part 4


One of the most sensational and tragic events, involving the Hollywoodland sign was the suicide of a young actress named Lillian Millicent “Peg” Entwistle, born Millicent Lilian Entwistle.  As Ted Okuda, author and film historian, correctly wrote in his endorsement of James Zeruk, Jr’s book, “Peg Entwistle And The Hollywood Sign Suicide”,  “For decades, the truth about Peg Entwistle was shrouded in mystery and distorted myth and misinformation. Through diligence and painstaking research, James Zeruk finally sets the record straight, unveiling the remarkable story of a talented, intelligent actress whose life was all too brief.”  As a Hollywood historian, I found this book to be extremely well researched and written.  What I’m about to write about Peg Entwistle, comes, almost exclusively, from his book. 

Peg was born in Wales in February 1908 to Robert...

Hollywood Sign History Part 3


Contrary to what has been written before, the white dot, located below the Hollywoodland sign was not installed as an “eye catcher.”  How that story got started is anyone’s guess.  But it’s absurd!  Why would an eye catcher be installed when there is a 543 foot long, 45 foot high white sign just above the dot?  The real story is a bit more complicated.

Photo of Hollywoodland sign

In 1920-21, the US Chamber of Commerce produced maps illustrating business conditions in areas of the country. Those shaded black were poor, white with black stripes (grey) were fair and white was good.  Los Angeles was a “white spot” in a sea of black and grey on the...

Hollywood Photos Website #5 Website  Part 5

Hollywood Airfield Photos

In 1918,  Cecil B DeMille, founded the Mercury aviation company and built his first airfield, DeMille  field number one, across from the present location of Fairfax high school. Soon to know built a second airfield, DeMille Field #2, and moved his enterprise to the north west corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Crescent Avenue, now Fairfax Avenue.

Mercury aviation operating a fleet of surplus WWI “Jennys” and offered popular sightseeing trips around the area. The airfield feature a gas station at the intersection that fueled automobiles on one side and airplanes on the other side. In May 1921, Mercury launched regular scheduled flights carrying passengers to Santa Catalina Island, San Diego and other locales -  becoming the first scheduled airline with multiple destinations in...

Hollywood sign History Part 2


The website is the most accurate history of the Hollywoodland and Hollywood Signs

According to most newspaper articles and personal interviews, the sign was never intended to be a permanent structure.  However, before construction was approved, the Hollywoodland developers erected a “test” letter “H” about one hundred feet to the east of where the sign was eventually erected. Based on a photograph in my collection, the letter appears to be about thirty feet tall.  Apparently, the “test” met with a positive response because construction of a large sign was approved.

Photo of Hollywoodland sign

For whatever reason, the building of the Hollywoodland...