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The Hollywood Photographs Blog

Old Hollywood Photographs

Hollywood Canteen photo

1944: Here is a group of visiting servicemen at the Hollywood Canteen. The Canteen was the most popular place for servicemen to visit when traveling to Hollywood. Over three years, more than 3 million servicemen visited the Hollywood Canteen. Photo fro the

Chinese Theater photograph

1963 Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman place their hands and footprints in the Grauman's Chinese Theater's forecourt. The first celebrities to place their hand and footprints in the forecourt's wet cement were Douglas Fairbanks & his wife, Mary Pickford. Since then, hundreds of celebrities have done the same thing. Photo from the collection....

Largest Hollywood Photo Collection

Largest Hollywood Photos Collection

The largest collection of vintage Hollywood photos is on the website. There are over 12,000 rare photos of Hollywood, including such subjects as Hollywood Theaters, Hollywood streets, Hollywood restaurants, Hollywood studios and Hollywood hotels.

First Hollywood Hotel

The first Hollywood hotel was the Sackett Hotel, located at Hollywood Boulevard and Cahuenga Avenue.  The hotel was, also, the location of Hollywood’s first post office.  It, also, had a popular confectionary store.

Hollywood Hotel Photos

A few years after the Sackett Hotel was built, the Hollywood Hotel was built. Located on the northwest Hollywood Hotel Photo...

Hollywood Photos Website

Hollywood Photos Collection

The finest Hollywood photos collection is the on website. There are 12,000 historic photographs of famous Hollywood community. There are over 90 subject categories of photos in the collection.  Some of the most popular photos are of the Hollywood sign, which originally read Hollywoodland.  Other popular categories of photos include Hollywood Airfields, Movie premiers, Hollywood Canteen and theaters.

Hollywood Sigh Photo

The Hollywoodland sign was erected in 1923 by the Hollywoodland Development Co. to advertise their real estate tract. Ten years later the letter H was blown down during a large and windy storm. In 1949, The sign was refurbished in 1949 and remained up until 1978. The sign was demolished in 1948 and replaced with a sign made of modern materials. From...

Vintage Hollywood Photos from

Hollywood Hotel Photo

The Hollywood hotel, at the corner of Prospect Ave & Highland Avenue, was one of Hollywood's first hotels.  It was extremely popular and and very famous. It was demolished in 1956. From the hollywoodphotographs,com website.

Hollywood Athletic Club Photo

1938: The Hollywood Athletic Club was a popular place for some of Hollywood's businessmen and civic leaders to gather. Located on Sunset Blvd., the Hollywood Athletic Club still stands today. From the website.

Panorama of Hollywood


More Vintage Photographs of Hollywood

Hollywood Airfield Photos

1919 Charles Chaplin and Syd Chaplin at their Chaplin Airdrome at Fairfax Ave. & Wilshire Blvd. From the website.

Garden of Allah Hotel photo

1935: The Grden of Allah Hotel on Sunset Blvd. was one of Hollywood's most famous hotels. Many of Hollywood's most famous and popular celebrities stay at this glamorous hotel. This photo is from the website.

Vintage photo of the Hollywood Canteen

The Hollywood Canteen on Cahuenga Ave was founded by Bette Davis and Garfield. It was a place where servicemen...

Photos of the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Photos of Hollywood Walk of Fame

On August 15, 1958, the Chamber and City unveiled eight stars on Hollywood Blvd. at Highland Avenue to create excitement and to demonstrate what the Walk of Fame would look like. The eight honorees included: Olive Borden, Ronald Colman, Louise Fazenda, Preston Foster, Burt Lancaster, Edward Sedgwick, Ernest Torrence, and Joanne Woodward. Construction on the Walk was expected to begin shortly thereafter. However, two lawsuits were filed that delayed construction. The first was by property owners opposed to the assessment district, and the second was filed by Charlie Chaplin, Jr., seeking $400,000 in damages for the exclusion of his father from the Walk. In October 1959, Judge Fletcher Bowron ruled that the assessment was legal. Shortly...

Photos of Egyptian Theater and Chinese Theater

Photos of the Egyptian Theater and Chinese Theater

The largest and rarest photo collection of the Chinese Theater is owned by the website.  There are more than two hundred vintage photographs of this famous theater.

Egyptian Theater photo

Egyptian Theater

In late 1921, Sid Grauman contacted Charles Toberman to have him build a theater with an Egyptian motif.  After several months of construction the Egyptian Theater, located on Hollywood Blvd. was completed. On October 19,1922, Sid Grauman opened his new Egyptian Theater, on Hollywood Blvd.  To date, it was...

Vintage Photos of Hollywood

Vintage Photos of Hollywood

With more than 12,000 vintage photos of Hollywood, the website is the finest and largest collection of its kind.  The collection was started in 1971 when Bruce Torrence began collecting old photographs of Hollywood.  Starting with thirty old photographs, which were given to him by his grandfather, Charles E. Toberman, the collection has grown to over 12,000 rare photos.  In 2001, Bruce developed and launched his website.  There are more than 90 subject categories including, Barnsdall Park, Cocoanut Grove, Hollywoodlnd, Hollywood Airfields, Griffith Observatory, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Chinese Theater, and many more.

Photo of Joanne Woodward...

Photos of Hollywood

Photos of Hollywood has the largest and finest collection of Hollywood photos. There are more than 12,000 images that cover 90 subject categories. All the photos are available for purchase.  The collection’s largest subjects are the photos of the Hollywood Canteen, the Hollywood sign and movie studios.  The following is a description of three other popular photo categories.

Hollywood Bowl Photo

Vintage photos of the Hollywood Bowl

The site of the Hollywood Bowl was chosen in 1919 by William Reed and his son H. Ellis Reed, who were sent to find a suitable location for outdoor performances by the members of the newly formed Theatre Arts Alliance headed by...

12,000 Vintage Hollywood Photographs

12,000 Hollywood Photographs

The website is the largest collection of vintage Hollywood photographs, with over 12,000 photos.  The website has more than 90 subject categories of photos from which to view and purchase. In addition to the photos, the website has hundreds of blogs covering much of Hollywood’s illustrious history. Here are three of the ninety categories of photos that are on the website. 

Hollywood Canteen photo

Hollywood Canteen Photos & History (Part 1)

In early 1942, Bette Davis and John Garfield met at the Warner Bros.’ commissary to discuss the formation of the Hollywood Canteen.   John recently returned...

Wallach's Music City Photos

Wallich’s Music City Photos & History

The beginning of the Golden age of radio took place when the country was in the throes of the Great Depression during the early 1930s. Sensing that radio was in a growth cycle Glenn Wallichs opened a small shop on Ivar Avenue, just south of Hollywood Boulevard, to sell and service radios for home and automobiles. he called his new store Wallich's Music City, and during the ensuing years, a range of merchandise was widely expanded, in 1940, extension dictated the need for larger quarters.

Music City Photo

New Music City Store

Wallich's Music City moved into a building on the northwest corner of ...

Hollywood School For Girls Photos

Hollywood School For Girls

The following history of the Hollywood School For Girls was published in the Fall edition of the magazine, Discover Hollywood.

One of the best kept secrets in Hollywood is a two-story wooden house that was once the Hollywood School for Girls. At the rear of the Woman’s Club of Hollywood property at 1749 N. La Brea Avenue, the school house began life as a private residence. The house was built for Charles Hanchett and his wife in 1903—the year Hollywood was incorporated.

In 1909, Miss Sophie Hogan was principal of a new school: The Hollywood School for Girls, situated on Sunset Boulevard and Hay Street. But in 1915, Charles Hanchett leased his two-storey home at 1749 N. La Brea to Miss Hogan as the new campus for the Hollywood School for Girls. Miss Hogan then sold her interest in the school to Miss Louise Knappen, a teacher...

Hollywood Palladium Photos

Palladium Photos & Histor

Ground Breaking Ceremony

Exactly 4 months after luscious Lana Turner, with a silver shovel, started in the groundbreaking ceremony, the doors of the now world famous Hollywood Palladium swung open to begin its colorful career of catering to the dining and dancing pleasures of film stars, world noted celebrities and a flow of tourists from all over the world.

Palladium photo

Hollywood Palladium’s Opening

The Hollywood Palladium was located on Sunset Blvd., just east of Vine St. That was the evening of October 31, 1940,...

Farmers Market Photos

Framers Market Photos

The website is the largest collection of vintage Hollywood photos, including photographs of the Farmers Market. Ther are more than 12,000 old Hollywood photographs, covering more than ninty subject categories. One of these categories is Farmers Market.

Photo of Farmers Market

Farmers Market History

The 1933, the only thing that was going well was the depression. Roger Dahlhjeln was working for a lady who owned a bakery and tea room where he kept the books for four dollars a week and all the date nut sandwiches he could eat. He noted that farmers were even worse off than he. Many of them tried to keep going by operating roadside...

More Historical Hollywood Photos

Constant Contact


Photographs of Hollywood Radio Stations Pt. 1

Photographs of Hollywood Radio Stations - Part 1

Radio’s  early history in Los Angeles was one of hit and miss, of trial and error – –  the identical experience of radio throughout the United States in the days of crystal sets and earphones. Radio broadcast began in Los Angeles in 1922 when four stations were established. Three of them – – KNX, KFI, and KHJ – – dominated local broadcasting from the beginning and continue to do so today, each representing the a major national chain. As elsewhere in the country, radio was considered merely a novelty in 1922. The develop meant ofKNX, the stormy petrel of early radio in Los Angeles, prior to its acquisition by the Columbia broadcasting system, was due to the originality and persistence of Guy C. Earl,  promotion manager of the Los Angeles evening express newspaper, who entered the radio Field in 1923 by arranging for his newspaper to give away 1000 crystal sets as part of a...

More Ken Murray's Blackouts Photos

El Capitan Theater photos

Ken Murray's Blackouts was the longest running theatrical production in the U.S. This a 1946 photo of the El Capitan Theaer on Vine Street, just north of Hollywood Blvd.

Photo of Ken Murray's Blackouts

Ken Murray was the founder and master of ceremonies at his famous "Blackouts." Here are many of the entertainers who performed at the theater. From the website.

Photograph of Ken Murray and Marie Wlison

Here is a photo of Ken Murray and his "sidekick" Marie Wilson. She played the dumb blond...

Many Vintage Hollywood Photos

Gilmore Stadium Photo

1949: Gilmore Field was the home of the Hollywood Stars Baseball Team. Located on Beverly Blvd. near Fairfax Ave., the stadium was popular with Hollywood residents and many movie stars.

Photo of hollywood Blvd.

1936 Hollywood Blvd. was one the country's most famous shopping streets in the country.

Hollywood land sign photo

1936: The Hollywood sign originally read Hollywoodland.

Florentine Gardens Nightclub...

Vintage Hollywood Restaurant Photographs

Montmartre PhotoVintage Hollywood Restaurant Photos

The largest collection of Hollywood restaurant photos can be found on Bruce Torrence’s website.  There are hundreds of photographs covering more than 50 Hollywood restaurants.  

Montmartre Club

For years, Hollywood was known for many of the countries finest and most popular restaurants.

In addition to the increased retail business on Hollywood Boulevard, several fine restaurants and nightclubs have been established. One of the most popular, especially with the motion picture colony, was the Montmartre Cafe. Founded by Eddie Branstader in 1923, it was located on the second floor of the C. E. Toberman Building ...

Sunset Strip Photos

Sunset Strip Photos

The question of the geographic boundaries of Hollywood is been the subject of debate ever since the small community was annexed to Los Angeles in 1910. As mentioned earlier, the corporate limits of the city of Hollywood extended from Center Street (now Normandie Ave.)  on the east 2 Crescent Ave. (now Fairfax Ave.) on the west, and from the top of the Santa Monica Mountains on the north, to Beverly Boulevard on the south.

Sunset Blvd. photo

After annexation in 1910, Hollywood retained its identity as a district, with essentially the same boundaries as before. However, as Hollywood began to grow and gain in  the east and west boundaries were unofficially extended to Vermont Avenue and Crescent Heights Boulevard respectively.

Sunset Strip Boundaries