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Hollywood Photos

Hollywood Photos Website #4 Website Part #4

Ken Murray’s Blackouts Photos

The website has the largest collection of photographs of the Ken Murray’s Blackouts.  Here is its history.

Almost everyone knows that Hollywood is the entertainment capital of the world. In keeping with that tradition, Hollywood had the distinction of being the home of Ken Murray's Blackouts, the longest running variety review in the history of American legitimate theater. Murray started the year goers laughing in 1942 when the blackouts first opened at the El Capitan Theatre on Vine Street. Formerly known as a Hollywood Playhouse theater, its name was changed to the El Capitan Theatre by C.E. Toberman, who had recently acquired the theater.

Photo of Ken Murray's Blackouts...

Hollywood Photos Website Part 3 Website Part 3

Hollywood Movie Studio Photos

The honor of having established the first Hollywood movie studio in Hollywood goes to the Nestors Film Company of Staten Island, New York. In October 1911, a small group from this film company arrived in Los Angeles to make movies.

The personnel of the company included David Horsley, proprietor of the concern; Al Christie, business manager and director of comedies; Tom Ricketts, dramatic and comedy director; Milton Faheney, director of Westerns; John Nicklaus, chief cameraman and laboratory expert; Thomas Briely, Carpenter, and many other support staff and actors.

The cast of players included Josephine Ditt, Dorothy Davenport, Alice Davenport, Eugene Ford, Victoria Ford, Mrs. William Farney, Jack Conway and several others.

Photo of Hollywood Movie Studio...

Hollywood Photos Website Part 2

Hollywoodphotos Website  Part 2

The website has the largest number of  vintage Hollywood photographs. There are more than 9000  rare  Hollywood photos, covering 92 subject categories.   Some of these include photos of streets, hotels, theaters, real estate developments, the Hollywood sign, and nightclubs. All of these photographs are available for purchase.

Photo of Florentine Gardens

Florentine Gardens Photos

Among Hollywood's hotspots, one of the biggest and flashiest was the Florentine Gardens, located at 5955 Hollywood Blvd. Even in a community never noted for modest standards, it was colossal. Not highly popular with most movie celebrities who preferred...

Hollywood Photos Website Part 1

Hollywoodphotos Website Part 1

The website is the largest photo and reference collection on the subject of Hollywood.  With more than 9,000 vintage Hollywood photographs, the website has 92 subject categories from which to choose.   Four of those categories include historical photographs of Barnsdall Park, Grauman’s Chinese Theater,Crossroads of the World and the Earl Carroll Nightclub.

Photo of Barnsdall Park

Barnsdall Park Photos

Long before the cultural movement was to strike Los Angeles, Aline Barnsdall purchased Olive Hill on June 3, 1919, for the purpose of establishing an art center. The property, consisting of 36 acres bounded by Hollywood...

Vintage Hollywood Photos on the Website

Vintage Hollywood Photos on the Website

The largest collection of Hollywood photos is on the website.  There are more than 12,000 historical photographs on the website, covering over 90 subject categories.

The collection was started in 1970 by Bruce Torrence when his grandfather gave him about thirty vintage Hollywood photos.  Over time, this fabulous collection has grown to largest of its kind.  In 2000, Bruce developed a website called, which is connected to the website.  Today, more than 100,000 people visit the website, many of whom purchase photos.

Hollywoodland Sign photo...

Paul DeLongpre Photos on website

Paul DeLongpre Photos On Website

One of Hollywood's most famous and popular residents was Paul DeLongpre.  The largest and collection of Paul DeLongpre’s home photographs is on the website. There are thousands of vintage photos of Hollywood on this popular website.

Paul DeLongpre was born in Lyon, France in 1855, reared and educated in Paris and at the age of 12, was painting flowers on fans. In 1874, he married Miss Josephine Estivenard. He had his first oil painting accepted and home in the Paris salon in 1876. Through the failure of a bank in Paris, he met financial ruin and in 1890, came to New York to begin life anew. In 1896, he staged a watercolor flower painting exhibition in New York. Three years later, he came to Los Angeles with his wife and three children, Alice, Blanche, and...

Great Historical Hollywood Photos

Great Historical Hollywood Photos

The largest photograph and reference collection on historical Hollywood is the website.  With more than 9000 vintage Hollywood photos, covering over 90 subject categories, the website is the best source to view old Hollywood images. All the photos are available for purchase. They offer both digital images as well as actual photographs and can be used for personal or commercial use. 

Digital Images

All the photos have been pre-scanned at 600 dpi, as tiff images.  However, if clients need images scanned at a higher resolution, it can be done. 

Actual Hollywood Photographs

In addition to digital images, offers actual photos to its clients. Photos can range from 8X10 inches to as large as 50 inches wide. The photo lab used by

Fabulous Historic Hollywood Photos

The Bruce Torrence Hollywood Photographs Collection

For many years, the website has been the largest collection of historic, advantage and spectacular photographs of the community of Hollywood. Starting in 1970, Bruce Torrence began collecting old Hollywood images. His grandfather, Charles E Toberman, was an early pioneer in the development of Hollywood. Arriving in Hollywood in 1906, Charles went into the insurance and real estate business. His first office was located on the south east corner of Prospect and Highland Avenues and consisted of a one room wooden structure. As he began to experience success, he built a brick structure just east of his original office.

Photo of Charles E. Toberman...

Hollywood Heritage

Hollywood Heritage

Preserving historic places in Hollywood, Los Angeles's most famous neighborhood, is a big job, but Hollywood Heritage Inc. has been doing just that for 35 years. The non-profit organization is dedicated to preservation and education about the early film industry.

Through the efforts of five women, Marian Gibbons, Mildred Heredeen, Christy (Johnson) McAvoy, Frances Offenhauser, and Susan (Peterson) St. Francis who noted the lack of a preservation organization and historical society in Hollywood and used their volunteer and professional expertise to fill that void. They incorporated Hollywood Heritage Inc. in 1980, with former Los Angeles County Supervisor John Anson Ford as Chairman of the Board.  In his first message to the members, Ford stated "We must strive to preserve Hollywood's...

Classic Vintage Hollywood Photos from

Hollywood Sign photo

In 1980, Dan Finegood and other Cal State Northridge students altered the Hollywood Sign to read HOLLYWEED in commemoration of the relaxed marijuana laws in California.

Hollywood Studio Club photograph

The Hollywood Studio Club opened its doors in 1917 on San Carlos Street. Within ten years, the club out grew its old building. They built a new clubhouse on Lodi St. inthe early 1930s. Here are some of the resident girls posing by a beautiful conveertible. 

Vintage Pan Pacific Photographs...

More Vintage Hollywood Photos

Vintage Capitol Records Tower Photo

1955: Capitol Records built the first round office building in the country. Located on Vine St., just north of Hollywood Boulevard, the Capitol Records building had recording studios that were used by such great entertainers as Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra.

Vintage photo of the Garden of Allah Hotel

1936: The Garden of Allah Hotel. located on Sunset Blvd. at Crescent Heights Ave., was one of Hollywood's most popular and famous (and infamous) hotels in the country. Popular with many of Hollywood's celebrities elite, the hotel lasted for about fifty years.


More Old Hollywood Photos


Until 1910, Hollywood Blvd. was known as Prospect Ave. and it was mostly residential. Here it is in 1905, looking east from Orange Dr. That is a strawberry patch in the foreground and the Hollywood Hotel in the center.


The Hollywood Bowl is, argueably, the most famous ampitheater in the country. The first Easter Sunrise Service was held in 1921 and has been held every year since then. Here is a play being performed in 1922.


Vintage and Historical Hollywood Photos

Vintage and Historical Hollywood Photos

With more than 12,000 vintage and historical Hollywood photos, the website is the largest collection in the world.

Navigating the collection is extremely easy and visitors can choose from more than 90 subject categories of photographs. Some of the earliest photos, in the collection, date back to 1880, when Hollywood was known as the Cahuenga Valley. The collection is like a large time capsule with photos taken over the course of the past 130 years.

Some of the categories include photos of Hollywood's only airfields, located at Wilshire Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue. There were two airfields at this intersection -- DeMille Field #2 and the Chaplin Aerodrome.  Other categories include such famous places as the ...

Great Hollywood Photos

Photo El Capitan Theater on Vine St.

Ken Muray's "Blackouts" was the longest running show in Hollywood's History. Performed at the El Capitan Theater, on north Vine St., the "Blackouts" was similar to a vaudeville show. Starring Ken Murray and Marie Wilson, the show had scores of acts. 

Vintage photo of Hollywood Blvd.

Until 1912, Prospect Ave (now Hollywood Blvd.) was mostly residential. Here is a 1900 photo, looking...

Old Hollywood Photos Part 2 is the largest collection of photos and images of Hollywood. There are more than 90 categories of photos from which to view. There are over 9000 vintage, old, and historic photographs of Hollywood. All photos in the collection are available for purchase.

Early Hollywood Blvd. Photo

Hollywood Boulevard Photographs

One of Hollywood's most recognizable and popular streets is Hollywood Boulevard.  Running from Laurel Canyon on the west to Fleming Avenue on the east, Hollywood Boulevard was one of the most prestigious streets in the country. Originally Hollywood Boulevard was known as Prospect Avenue. When the residence...

Old Hollywood Photos Part 1

Old Hollywood Photos Part 1 is the largest collection of photos and images of Hollywood. There are more than 90 categories of photos from which to view. There are over 9000 vintage, old, and historic photographs of Hollywood. All photos in the collection are available for purchase.

1900 Hollywood Blvd. & Gower St.

Hollywood Boulevard Photographs

One of Hollywood's most recognizable and popular streets is Hollywood Boulevard.  Running from Laurel Canyon on the west to Fleming Avenue on the east, Hollywood Boulevard was one of the most prestigious streets in the country. Originally Hollywood Boulevard was known as Prospect Avenue. When the residence of the city of Hollywood elected to have...

The Best Vintage Hollywood Photos

The Best Vintage Hollywood Photos

Unquestionably, the finest and largest collection of vintage, old and historical photos of Hollywood is on the website. With more than 90 subject categories from which to choose, there are more than 9000 vintage photographs on the website. The collection was started, by Bruce Torrence, in 1970, when his grandfather, Charles E. Toberman showed and gave him about 30 old photographs of Hollywood. It wasn't long before he had a couple hundred vintage Hollywood photos. After 40 years of collecting, the Hollywood collection is the largest collection of Hollywood photos. Some of the subject categories include the following;


Early Hollywood Photos

Early Hollywood Photos

The largest collection of vintage and early Hollywood photos is on the website.


Ranch La Brea and  Hollywood

Most of Hollywood was part of the Rancho La Brea. As a native Angelino, I knew little of our city’s history past the mission days and even less about Hollywood before the movies.  There were interesting old photographs, the Victorian era Janes House that had once sat right on Hollywood Blvd.  And, there were the street names: Delongpre, Hudson, Wilcox, Waring that I knew were the same as the early settlers of this area.  I’d heard of Daeida Wilcox and the legend of how Hollywood...

Hollywood Photos Collection

Hollywood Photos Collection

The largest number of Hollywood photos is on hollywoodphotos website.


Collection Started

In 1970, Bruce visited his grandfather's office (C. E. Toberman) and while he was there noticed some old Hollywood photos on the walls. After inquiring about the photos, Bruce's grandfather told him to go into the hallway and look in one of the file cabinets for some more vintage photographs. In the file cabinet were about 30 old Hollywood photos, dating back to the turn of the 20th century.

Bruce's grandfather first came to Hollywood in 1904 but returned to Texas...

Hollywood Photos

Hollywood Photos on

The largest collection of Hollywood photos is on the popular website. There are more than 12,000 vintage Hollywood photos on the website.  Visitors to the site are able to choose from over 90 subject categories in order to view historic Hollywood photos.

The Bruce Torrence Hollywood Photos collection was started in 1970, with about 30 photos, which were given to him by his grandfather, Charles E. Toberman.  Within a few years, the collection had several thousand vintage Hollywood photos.  The collection was made available to the public in 1975, when clients viewed the photos at the collection’s offices in Hollywood.  In 2002, when the internet became popular, Bruce Torrence developed the website.

Today, the Hollywood photo collection is available to anyone who has a computer.