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Hollywood Sign

Purchase Hollywood Sign Photographs

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The Hollywood sign is, undoubtedly, the most famous icon Hollywood has to offer.  

Everyone who has seen the sign know that it is HOLLYWOOD.  

It is also one of the most photographed landmarks in Hollywood. However, it didn’t start out that way.  It was erected in 1923 as an advertising sign to market the real estate development, called Hollywoodland, that lay below the sign.  So the original sign read HOLLYWOODLAND.  The fifty foot sign was constructed of long telephone pole type uprights that were sunk into the ground.  All the cross bracing and supports consisted of wooden beams and stranded cable. ...

More Hollywood Sign Pictures

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The has put many more Hollywood Sign pictures on its web site.  The Hollywood sign was erected in 1923 and originally read HOLLYWOODLANDLAND.  It was built as an advertising sign for the real estate development by the same name.  The sign was originally made of telephone poles, wood cross pieces, cables and sheet metal for the face.  The web site has pictures of the dedication of the sign and hundreds of images showing the sign in various states of repair.  There were several years that the sign was in serious...

View Hollywood Sign Photos

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The Hollywood sign is the most popular icon for the community of Hollywood.  Originally built in 1923, the sign first read HOLLYWOODLAND which advertised the real estate development by the same name.  To advertise the new Beachwood Canyon real estate development, the developers, including Los Angeles Times publisher Harry Chandler and silent movie pioneer Mack Sennett, ordered a huge wooden sign built atop what is now known as Mount Lee. The mountain is named after early Los Angeles car dealer and radio station owner Don Lee.  Originally, the sign was lighted with about 4000 incandescent light bulbs, which were changed by...

Purchase the Best Hollywood Sign Pictures

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When you love the movie industry or have someone on your gift list that does, you may want to consider Hollywood sign pictures for yourself or for them.  These make for unusual and unique gifts that everyone is sure to love, and you can choose them in any number of sizes and styles.  The Hollywood sign is one of Hollywood’s most recognizable icon.s. 

As an example of how someone might use Hollywood sign pictures for themselves, think of how great they would look as posters in a home theater or family room.  If they appreciate vintage items of any sort, whether for the movie industry or not, some black and white prints can add a sense of history to their display area.  What could be more vintage than some black and white Hollywood...

See Hollywood Sign Pictures From

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The largest collection of Hollywood Sign and Hollywoodland Sign picture is on the web site.  The collection was begun by Bruce Torrence in the 1970 with about thirty photographs of old Hollywood.  His Grandfather, Charles E. Toberman, came to Hollywood in 1907 and began developing real estate.  Over the course of the next seventy five years he developed more real estate projects than any other person in Hollywood.  It was his grandfather’s thirty photos that inspired Bruce to begin collecting old photos of Hollywood.  What started out as an attempt to have a small collection of vintage Hollywood photos, grew into an insatiable obsession to build the largest...

Hollywood Sign Images from

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The image of the Hollywood Sign is an iconic part of the Hollywood hills. Many do not know that the sign was never meant to be permanent and previously read “Hollywoodland”. The sign was built, in 1923, as an advertisement for a development of homes in the Hollywood hills dubbed “Hollywoodland”. In 1949, the last four letter were removed and the rest of the sign refurbished to read HOLLYWOOD. The Hollywood Sign image became an icon and was left up. In the early 1970s, the sign was, again, refurbished but it only lasted a couple of years.  With donations from hundreds of people and several celebrities, the ...

Hollywood Sign Pictures from

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The Hollywood sign is one of the most popular signs without a doubt and countless photographs have been taken of it in times past. While many have recognized the sign as a piece of history there are still many people that don’t identify with it in that way. There are plenty of Hollywood sign pictures to choose from when you shop online at The great thing is that you can view your images, make a decision and move on while you are logged into the web site. 

You can order Hollywood sign pictures in either digital format or actual photographic prints.  There are over 200 images from which to choose.  The early images...

Purchase Hollywood Sign Pictures

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Hollywood’s most famous icon is the Hollywood Sign.  Built in 1923, the sign originally read HOLLYWOODLAND, which was the name of the real estate development just below the sign.  The sign was originally made of telephone poles, wood cross bracing, wire cables and faced with perforated sheet metal.  The purpose for the perforation was to allow the wind through pass through the sheet metal.  The sign was illuminated with about 4000 incandescent light bulbs, which were changed our by Albert Kothe when the bulbs burned out.  The illumination only lasted a very few years. ...

Hollywood Sign Neighbors Hate Tourists

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Tourists who want to experience the real Hollywood might want to make a stop at a Fountain Avenue community room on Tuesday.  That's where Hollywood residents and Los Angeles leaders will debate how best to deal with hordes of sightseers who daily clog the narrow hillside streets beneath the Hollywood sign.

Residents and officials agree that GPS devices, websites and a proliferation of tour bus and van operators have opened the 87-year-old neighborhood to growing numbers of visitors who want to get as close as possible to the iconic sign. That's prompted some in the area to post their own signs. 'Warning — Tourist-Free Zone — All Tourists Leave the Area,' orders one. 'Tourists Go Away,' states another.

Earlier this year...

Hollywood Sign Images for Purchase

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Do you know why there are so many images of the Hollywood sign? Many people think that the sign exists as a symbol of the excess of the film making industry. Many feel that both Hollywood and Los Angeles are two of the most eccentric places in the world, and that the sign was erected as just another instance of this excess and extravagance. But in reality, the sign was erected to show off the upcoming development that was to be known as Hollywoodland.

In 1923, the developers of the Hollywoodland residential development, erected a sign on the side of the hills, just above the development  It read HOLLYWOODLAND....

Hollywood Sign Pictures

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The Hollywood Sign is a famous landmark in the Hollywood Hills area of Mount Lee, Santa Monica Mountains, in Los Angeles, California spelling out the name of the area in 50-foot tall and 35 ft. wide  white letters. It was created as an advertisement in 1923, but garnered increasing recognition after the sign was left up. The sign was a frequent target of pranks and vandalism but has since undergone restoration, including a security system to deter vandalism. The sign is now...

Hollywood Sign Images

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The Hollywoodland sign was first erected in 1923 and originally read 'HOLLYWOODLAND'. Its purpose was to advertise the name of a new housing development in the hills above the Hollywood district of Los Angeles. H.J. Whitley had already used a sign to advertise his development Whitley Heights, which was located between Highland Avenue and Vine Avenue. He suggested to his friend Harry Chandler, the owner of the Los Angeles Times newspaper, that the land syndicate in which he was involved...

Purchase Hollywood Sign Pictures

Do You Need Classic Hollywood Sign Pictures?

The Hollywood Sign is probably the most iconic symbol in all of Hollywood.  It is usually the first thing visitors wish to see when they visit Los Angeles.  The legendary sign spells out the name in 45-foot-tall and 350-foot-long white letters, and originally read 'HOLLYWOODLAND'.  It was created as an advertisement for a new housing development in 1923, but garnered recognition after the sign was left up.  The sign was originally only designed to be able to stay up for 18 months, but has survived to this day due to financial donors, and due to the Hollywood Sign Trust, an organization whose purpose is to maintain, repair and secure the sign.  The original sign was lighted by about 4000 incandescent light bulbs that were replaced by Albert Kothe, when they burned out.  After a couple of year, the...

The Hollywood Sign Icon

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Thanks to Hugh Hefner and scores of private and public donations, the property around the famous Hollywood Sign was saved from the development of luxury homes.  $12.5 million was raised, in 2010, to purchase the property from Fox River Financial Resources and protect it, forever, from further development.

For almost ninety years, the sign has been vandalized, modified, revitalized and immortalized -- and, after all that, it remains one of Hollywood’s most recognized icons. The largest collection of Hollywood Sign photographs is on