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Great Historical Hollywood Photos

Great Historical Hollywood Photos

The largest photograph and reference collection on historical Hollywood is the website.  With more than 9000 vintage Hollywood photos, covering over 90 subject categories, the website is the best source to view old Hollywood images. All the photos are available for purchase. They offer both digital images as well as actual photographs and can be used for personal or commercial use. 

Digital Images

All the photos have been pre-scanned at 600 dpi, as tiff images.  However, if clients need images scanned at a higher resolution, it can be done. 

Actual Hollywood Photographs

In addition to digital images, offers actual photos to its clients. Photos can range from 8X10 inches to as large as 50 inches wide. The photo lab used by is It is the best photo lab that has ever used.

Vintage photographs of Hollywoodland Sign

Hollywood Sign Photos

The collection has the largest number of Hollywoodland Sign and Hollywood Sign photos in the world.  Beginning with many 1923 photos of the construction of the Hollywoodland sign, there are hundreds of vintage photos of the Hollywood Sign.  One segment of the photos shows the sign’s deterioration that took place in the 1970s.  Over the years, weather took its toll on the iconic sign, causing it to become so damaged, that it had to be demolished in 1978. There are scores of rare Hollywood Sign photos showing the construction of the new Hollywood Sign.  One of the most popular photos, in the collection, is the one taken by Bruce Torrence during the new signs dedication. There are more than 225 vintage Hollywood Sign photos on the website.

Vintage photograph of Sunset Boulevard

Hollywood Street Photos

The collection contains hundreds of historical photos of some of Hollywood’s most popular streets.  Hollywood Boulevard, was originally known as Prospect Ave. A few years after the name was changed to Hollywood Boulevard, in 1910, Hollywood began experiencing rapid growth.  Hollywood Blvd. was transformed from a quiet residential road to a bustling street with some of the country’s most popular restaurants, theaters and shops.  The collection has hundreds of photos showing Prospect Ave. as a dirt road, lined with residential homes and theaters and hotels that lined the famous Hollywood Blvd. In 1958, the first Hollywood Walk of Fame dedications took place on the northwest corner of Hollywood Blvd. & Highland Ave. Those dedications took place during the final days of construction of the First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Hollywood. Joanne Woodward was the first to pose by a Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

Another popular Hollywood street is Sunset Boulevard, which runs from the Pacific Ocean to the east end of Hollywood.  Sunset Blvd. is the home to many well-known structures and buildings.  Hollywood High School, which was built in 1905, is located on the northwest corner of Sunset Blvd. & Highland Ave. One of the most famous students to attend Hollywood High School was Lana Turner. She was “discovered” by William “Billy” Wilkerson while she was at a local ice cream fountain.  The famous Hollywood Athletic Club is, also, located on Sunset Blvd.  To the east of the Hollywood Athletic Club is Columbia Studios, on the south east corner of Gower St.  Beginning in about 1910, Sunset Boulevard was home to many of Hollywood’s first film studios.

The intersection of Sunset Blvd. & Vine Street was the location of NBC Radio Studios and Wallach’s Music City. Further east, at Argyle Ave, was the famous Earl Carroll Theater, which later became Frank Sennes’ Moulin Rouge. The Fine Arts Studio was one of the most famous early movie studios in Hollywood. Founded by D. W. Griffiths, it produced such film epics as “Intolerance” and “Birth of A Nation.”

Part of Sunset Boulevard was, also, known as “The Sunset Strip.” This is the area just east of Crescent Heights Avenue and was part of the county of Los Angeles. It was for this reason that it was called the Sunset strip. One of the most famous, or infamous hotels was the Garden of Allah Hotel at Sunset Boulevard and Crescent Heights. Also, on Sunset Boulevard were some of the most famous nightclubs in the world they included the Café Trocadero, Mocambo, ans Ciros. Other popular streets in Hollywood included, Cahuenga Ave., Vine St. and Wilcox Avenue.

Historical photo of a Hollywood movie studio

Hollywood Movie Studio Photos

Some of the rarest images in the collection are of movie studios. Many of these photographs date back to 1910 when the Nestors Film Company rented the former Blondeau Tavern and converted it into a film studio. Nestors was the first motion picture company to settle in Hollywood on a permanent basis. It wasn't long before many other film production companies, also, settled in Hollywood. Movie companies like Vitagraph, Kalem, Bison, and Christie rented property and converted buildings into makeshift studios. As Hollywood became known as the film capital, many other studios were established in and around Hollywood. Thomas Ince, Hal Roach, Henry Lehrman built studios in the Culver City area. Carl Laemmle built Universal Studios in the San Fernando Valley. Between 1910 and the early 1930s, more than 100 motion picture companies operated in and around Hollywood. The website has more than 1500 vintage photos of Hollywood movie studios. All photographs, in the collection, are available for purchase.

Vintage photograph of Hollywoodland

Real Estate Developments

Two of the most well-known real estate developments, in the Hollywood area, were Hollywoodland and the Outposts Estates. Hollywoodland was established in 1923 and was located at the north end of Beachwood Avenue. It was the Hollywoodland development company that erected the Hollywoodland sign in order to advertise their real estate tract that lay below the sign. The second and more exclusive real estate development was the Outpost Estates which was located west of Highland Avenue and North of Franklin Avenue. Built by Charles E. Toberman, the Outpost Estates became one of Hollywood's most prestigious residential areas. There are scores of rare Outpost Estates photos on the website.

Historic photo of the Hollywood Hotel

Hollywood Hotels

Most of Hollywood's famous and popular hotels were located in the heart of Hollywood. The first real hotel was the Sackett Hotel, on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Cahuenga Avenue. In 1905, the first structure of the Hollywood Hotel was built at the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue. Two additions were made to this famous hotel, one and 1905 and the other and 1907. As Hollywood began to grow, due to the influx of motion picture production companies, more hotels began to be built. One of the most beautiful and luxurious hotels was the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, on Hollywood Boulevard. Opened in 1927, the Roosevelt Hotel was an immediate success. Other famous Hollywood hotels included the Knickerbocker, the Christie hotel and the Plaza, on Vine Street.

Vintage photo of the Hollywood Canteen

Vintage Hollywood Canteen Photographs

The largest collection of and vintage Hollywood Canteen photos can be found on the website. There are more than 400 rare photos showing all of the activities that took place at the famous Hollywood Canteen. Established in 1942, by Bette Davis, John Garfield and Dr. Jules Stein, the canteen was the most popular place for servicemen to visit when in Hollywood, during the second world war. With more than 3000 volunteers, many of whom were famous celebrities, the canteen played host to more than 3 million servicemen during his three-year existence. The visiting servicemen were fed, entertained, and could dance with some of the most beautiful girls in the world. Some of the volunteers included, such notable celebrities as, Joan Leslie, Rita Hayworth, Marlene Dietrich, Bob Hope, Eddie Cantor, Red Skelton, Bing Crosby and many others.

Vintage Brown Derby Restaurant Photo

Hollywood Restaurants: Hollywood boasted of having some of the countries most lavish and popular restaurants. Without question, the Brown Derby restaurant chain was the most popular of them all. The first Brown Derby restaurant was opened on Wilshire Boulevard and was built in the shape of a derby hat. The second Brown Derby restaurant was open on Valentine's Day in 1936 and was located on Vine Street, just south of Hollywood Boulevard. At the time, Robert Cobb was the owner and was the one who developed the famous Cobb salad. Two other ground or restaurants were opened, one in Beverly Hills and the other in the Los Feliz District of Hollywood. The Brown Derby on Vine Street was, by far, the most popular with the Hollywood elite. It was not uncommon to see celebrities having lunch or dinner at the famous eatery. Other famous and popular Hollywood restaurants and nightclubs included such favorites as the Cocoanut Grove, the Earl Carroll Theatre, Musso & Frank's Grill, Perino’s and Roamoff’s on Beverly Boulevard.

Vintage Hollywood Bowl photo

Hollywood Bowl The Hollywood Bowl is one of the most beautiful and popular natural amphitheaters in the world. Founded in 1921, the bowl was simply comprised of a wooden platform stage, with wooden seats carved into the hillside.  The first Easter sunrise service was held in 1921 and has been held every year since then. In 1926, the Hollywood bowl was expanded to accommodate more than 17,000 people. During the course of the Hollywood Bowl’s history, there had been more than six shells that adorned the stage. Some of the world's most famous entertainers have performed at the Hollywood bowl. Some of these include, Nat King Cole, the Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and scores of others. The website has the largest and finest collection of Hollywood Bowl photos, and all are available for purchase.

Please visit the website to view thousands of rare and historical photos of Hollywood.



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