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The Hollywood Photographs Blog

Vintage Hollywood Photos - Chaplin Studios


Charles Spencer Chaplin began his illustrious American movie career in 1914 with the Keystone Film Company in Edendale, California.  After making several films there, he left in 1914 to accept an offer with G.M. Anderson of the Essanay Film Manufacturing Company.  He made his first three films at the Chicago Essanay studio but didn’t like it there.  He moved to Essanay’s studio in Niles, California and stayed for almost three months.  Here he made “A Night Out”, “The Champion”, “In The Park”, “A Jitney Elopement” and “The Tramp.”  He then went to Los Angeles in April to finish out his Essanay contract. The following year, in 1916, Chaplin started his own company by building the Lone Star Studio at Lillian Way and Eleanor Ave in...

Vintage Brown Derby Photos

The Brown Derby Restaurant in Hollywood was the most popular renstaurant in Hollywood's history. Located on Vine St., it catered to some of Hollywood's most famous celebrities and powerful businessmen and civic leaders.

Brown Derby Photo1977 Burgess Meredith, Carol Channing and John Huston dining at the Hollywood Brown Derby Restaurant on Vine St. 

Hermione Gingold photo1977 Radio commentator, Gregg Hunter broadcast his radio show from the Hollywood Broiwn Derby Restaurant, where he interviewed many Hollywood celebrities....

Mocambo Nightclub Photos

Vintage Hollywood Photos & are the largest collection of vinage Hollywood photos. There are more than 12,000 historical photos and over 90 subject categories from which to choose. All the vintage photographs are available for sale. 

History of Mocambo Nightclub: By Martin Turnbull

With places like the Trocadero and Ciro’s attracting the glamor crowd, the Sunset Strip had, by the early 1940s, become the street to go when Hollywood was in the mood to party. (Although, considering the marathon hours and Herculean effort it took to produce those classic movies, you have to wonder how the hell they found the time and energy to...

View Hollywood Photos

Vintage Hollywood Photos

The best and largest collection of vintage Hollywood photos is on the website. Thousands of people visit this website to see rare Hollywood photos. All the Hollywood photos are available for purchase . The following is the history, and photos, or the Essanay Film Company.


Gilbert M. Anderson appearance in Edison’s 1903 classic “The Great Train Robbery”, earned him the distinction of being the  first “cowboy star” of American cinema.   After starring in the primordial film, Gilbert M. Anderson, who was born Max Aaronson, decided the film industry was for him.  He played a variety of roles until he joined Vitagraph where he began directing as well as acting in one-reelers including the 1905 hit “The Raffles,...

More vintage & rare Hollywood Photos

Hollywood Photos

The world's largest collection of Hollywood Photos is on the website. There are more than 12,000 vintage hollywood photos and over 90 subject categories from which to view. All the photographs in the collection are available for purchase. Both high resolution digital images and actual photographs are available.


For some unexplainable reason, one of Hollywood’s earliest movie makers, Harry M. Revier, has been completely overlooked by most film historians.  L.L. Burns, who later started Western Costume Company, and Harry Revier joined together to form Burns and Revier Studio and Laboratory in 1912.  In early 1913, after vacating their first studio at Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards, they...

Vintage & Rare Hollywood Photos


Hollywood photos are for sale on the website. This is the world's largest collection of vintage Hollywood photos and all are available for purchase. There are over 90 subjects to from which to choose and there are more than 500 blogs that tell the history of Hollywood. The following is an example of the vintage Hollywood photos and history of early Hollywood. 


Probably no producer brought more laughter to movie and television audiences than movie pioneer Hal Roach.  Born on January 14, 1892 in Elmira, New York, he drifted into films in 1913 after migrating  down from Alaska where worked as a laborer.  He began his career after answering an ad for western extras at Universal where he performed as a stuntman and minor...

Vintage Hollywood Photos For Sale


Hollywood photos are for sale on the website. This is the world's largest collection of vintage Hollywood photos and all are available for purchase. There are over 90 subjects to from which to choose and there are more than 500 blogs that tell the history of Hollywood. The following is an example of the vintage Hollywood photos and history of early Hollywood. 


One of the lesser known, but oldest facilities in Hollywood was located at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Fleming Street (now Hoover Street). During its almost one hundred year history, the studio was occupied by several small motion picture companies, many of whom...

More great Hollywood Photos

Hollywood Photos

The world's largest collection of Hollywood photos is on the website. There are more than 12,000 vintage hollywood photos and over 90 subject categories from which to view. All the photographs in the collection are available for purchase. Both high resolution digital images and actual photographs are available.


Recognized the increasing demand for modern “rental studios”, Hollywood real estate, and business developer, Charles E. Toberman, incorporated the Hollywood Studios Corporation in 1919.  The stockholders and officers were, President; C.W. Bradford, Vice President; John Jasper, Secretary and manager.  After several...

Hollywood Photos For Sale

Hollywood Photos For Sale and is the world’s largest collection of vintage Hollywood photos. All the photographs are for sale and very competitive prices.

Browse over 12,000 rare and vintage photos, covering more than 90 subject categories, including movie studios, restaurants, nightclubs, Hollywood Canteen, Hollywood sign, theaters, and many more.

With just a few clicks, people can easily view and purchase any of the photographs on the website. Viewers can enlarge each photo in order to examine the high quality of the images.

We offer both digital images and actual...

Purchase Vintage Hollywood Photos


The largest collection of Hollywood photos is on the website. With more than 12,000 vintage photos, the collection includes more than 90 subject categories. All the photographs in the collection are available for purchase. The following is the history, with vintage photographs of the Thanhouser Company.


One of the earliest and most successful film manufacturers was the Thanhouser Company of New Rochelle, New York.  In 1909, Edwin Thanhouser, who had   managed the Academy of Music Theater in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, decided to enter the motion picture business. At that time, the film business was in its infancy and New York City, Chicago and Northern...

Hollywood Photos #1


An hour south of Los Angeles is the city of Long Beach,  It was here that  a significant film factory, the Balboa Amusement Producing Company got its start in early 1913.  After receiving a $7,000 inheritance from his father, Herbert M. Horkheimer came to the small town to engage in the production of motion pictures. He took over one small building and a 25 by 75 foot platform stage which had recently been abandoned by an Edison Company production unit under the direction of J. Searle Dawley.  Located on the southeast corner of Sixth and Alamitos Streets, the studio contained dressing rooms, offices, carpenter shops, laboratory, property departments and a half dozen other necessary adjuncts all under one roof.  He gathered together half a dozen actors, some carpenters, stage hands, a cameraman and a few laboratory assistants and began to shoot his first picture. ...

Vintage Hollywood Movie Studios-Part 1


One of the most active film industry pioneers was Harry Aitken.  He and his brother, Roy, started with a makeshift theater in their barn near Waukesha, Wisconsin.  Soon they left the farm and opened their first theater in Chicago.  The success from the first venture led them to a string of five theaters.

Visit to view a large collection of American Film Manufacturing Co. photos

Harry, however, was more interested in supplying other theaters with films.  He met with realtor John Freuler in Milwaukee and, in February 1908, started the . Western Film Exchange, with Aitken as President.  After more than a year of distributing other peoples’ movies,  they decided to to begin producing their own films.  The two met with H & H Film Service owners, Samuel S. Hutchinson and Charles...

Vintage Hollywood Movie Studios



Early Movie Studios

Contrary to popular belief, the motion picture industry did not have its roots in Hollywood or even Southern California.  This soon to be “magical” business had its origin in both Chicago and the environs of New York City.  Companies such as Edison, Selig Polyscope, Lubin, Thanhouser, Jesse Lasky Feature Play, Vitagraph, New York Motion Picture Company, Kalem, Essanay, and Biograph all had their headquarters and their first studios “back east.”  Even when these companies first sent production troupes to make movies on the west coast, the negatives were sent back east, by train, to their corporate offices for processing. has hundreds of vintage Hollywood Movie Studio photos.

Salem Photo...

Vintage Hollywood Boulevard Photos

Vintage Hollywood Boulevard Photos

Originally, Hollywood Boulevard was known as Prospect Ave. and was the main street in the Cahuenga Valley.  Before the turn of the twentieth century, the Cahuenga Valley was comprised of farms, small ranches and residences.  In 1903, the residents of the Cahuenga Valley went to the polls and voted to incorporate their community, which they called Hollywood.  The name was first used by Daeida Wilcox who named here small farm Hollywood.  In 1910, seven years after Hollywood was incorporated, the citizens voted to annex their community to the City of Los Angeles.  Ever since then, Hollywood has been a district within the city of Los Angeles. At the same time, Prospect Avenue was renamed Hollywood Boulevard.  Until the film industry settled in Hollywood, in 1910, Hollywood Boulevard was a residential street. Beginning in about 1915, the street began to be converted to a commercial avenue. Today, there are virtually no...

Vintage VJ Day Photos

VJ photo

Two ladies, hand & hand, stroll down Hollywood Blvd. in celebration of VJ Day (the end of WWII with Japan).

Photo of VJ Day

When the war with Japan, during WWII, was declared over, Hollywood went wild. Office workers came out of their offices to celebrate on Hollywood Blvd. Automobiles were stuck in traffic because so many people were on the street.

VJ Day photograph

Thousands of residents and workers streamed out onto Hollywood Boulevard to celebrate the end of the war with Japan, during WWII.

VJ Day photos...

The Players Club

The Players Club

When Preston Sturgis wasn't writing and directing some of the wittiest movies ever to emanate from Hollywood, he could usually be found inside the Players Club, both his personal playroom and his Achilles' heel for 13 years.

Sturgis, who like to work and eat late, wanted to go to a place that was open whenever he or his friends were hungry. In 1938, while under contract to Paramount, he bankrolled Snyders, a short-lived restaurant run by Ted Snyder, a music publisher who had taught Sturgis to write lyrics when he was just getting started in New York.

When Snyder’s failed to catch on, Sturgis closed it down and  tried to sell off the kitchen supplies and equipment he now owned. Unable to recoup his losses by more than a few cents on the dollar, he decided to open a restaurant himself.

Sturgis didn't think small. To house the players, name for the new York theatrical club, he found a two-story house on the Sunset strip....

Hollywood Movie Studio Photos

Many of the first film companies, who settled in Hollywood, congregated near the intersection of Sunset Blvd. and Gower St. They were small film making companies, which made one and two reel films, many being westerns. For a number of reasons, including the lack of film distribution, many of these film makers went out of business shortly after arriving in Hollywood. Here is the California Studio on Sunset Blvd. in 1921. From the

Vintage Hollywood Walk of Fame Photos

One of Hollywood's most popular tourist attractions is the Walk of Fame. This is Hollywood's tribute to the thousands of celebrities that have made Hollywood famous. In Sept. 1958, the first eight celebrities to have their names immortalized in the terrazzo sidewalk included Preston Foster, Olive Borden, Louise Fazenda, Edward Sedgwick, Ronald Coleman, Burt Lancaster, Joanne Woodward and my grandfather, Ernest Torrence. Here is Tom Cruse's dedication ceremony in 1979. Today, there are more than 2,600 stars in the Walk of fame. From the website.

Tom Cruise Photo


More vintage Hollywood Sign photos


Historic Hollywood Sign Photos

The Hollywood Sign orginally read Hollywoodland and was erected in 1923 as an advertising sign for a real estate development  of the same name. In 1949, the sign was damaged by a severe wine storm which knocked the letter "H" down. The last four letters were removed and the sign restored. Since then the sign has read HOLLYWOOD. By 1978, the sign was in disrepair, which caused the Chamber of Commerce to undertake a fundraising campaign to replace the old sign with a new one. The old sign was demolished and a new sign built in 1978. From the website.