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Chinese Theater

Chinese Theater's Anniversary

The Chinese Theater Anniversary.

This movie icon lives right in the heart of Hollywood and is about to turn 90 years old, but she’s still as famous as ever, and millions of people come to visit every year. Some have even signed their name and squish their hands and feet right in her forecourt, while others have left behind the imprint of a dreadlocked, I knows, a leg and a fist over the years too. 

Other nights there is the flash of paparazzi cameras and a roll of red carpet as smiling celebrities way that fans before heading into the historical legend that is that TCL Chinese Theater, a glamorous picture palace that held Oscar ceremonies in 1944 1945 in 1946, and has hosted glittering premieres for decades.

Surprisingly, many people who visit the Grand Am don't realize she's not an elaborate prop, a theme park ride or restaurant. In fact she's always been a working movie theater...

Chinese Theater Hand & Footprint Ceremonies

Chinese Theater Hand & Footprint Ceremonies

Chinese Theater Construction

On Armistice Day, November 11, 1925, the first rivot in the steel girders was driven by the beautify actress Anna May Wong.   The ground breaking ceremony was attended by Sid Grauman, Charlie Chaplin, Anna May Wong, Conrad Nagel and Norma Talmadge.  

Photo of Chinese Theater

Chinese Theater’s Grand Opening

The Chinese Theater had its grand opening on May 18, 1927, with the premiere of Cecil B. DeMilles’s epic film, “King of Kings.”  Hundreds of celebrities attended the grand opening, including actor, Ernest...

More Vintage Chinese Theater Photos

Photo of Chinese Theater groundbreaking

In January 1926, the groundbreaking ceremony for Grauman's Chinese Theater was held. Thirteen months later, the theater held its grand opening. (L-R) Sid Grauman, Charles Chaplin, Norma Talmadge, Conrad Nagel & Anna Mae Wong.

Vintage photo of Grumman's Chinese Theater

February 1927, Grauman's Chinese Theater was nearing construction as seen in this photo. Today, the theater is the number one tourist attraction in Hollywood.

Photo of Douglas Fairbanks & Mary Pickford...

Chinese Theater Hand & Footprint Ceremony History and Photos

Chinese Theater Hand & Footprint Ceremony History and Photos

Chinese Theater

An estimated 2,000,000 tourist flock to the Chinese Theater from all over the world. Columnist Jack Smith likened it to being asked to leave one’s hand and footprints in the wet cement of the theater’s forecourt as “the next best thing to sainthood.” From the beginning, thousands of historic Chinese Theater photos have been taken.


Origin of Hand & Footprint Ceremonies

The origin of the longest running publicity stunt in history of the movies, has been the subject of debate for the past eighty years. Published versions of how the idea for the ...

Chinese Theater Groundbreaking Photos

Chinese Theater Groundbreaking Photos

Sid Grauman's dream of opening a million dollar theatre complex in Los Angeles came true in January 1926 when construction began on the Chinese Theatre. Real estate mogul C.E. Toberman helped Grauman secure a long term lease on a piece of property located n Hollywood Blvd. . The plans for the theatre were designed by both Grauman and architect Raymond Kennedy, a well-known Hollywood architect.  The groundbreaking ceremony was attended by several celebrities including, Sid Grauman, Charles Chaplin, Conrad Nagel, Norma Talmadge and Chinese actress Anna May Wong. After spending $2,000,000, the Chinese Theatre was completed. Scores of Grauman's Chinese Theater photos are on


Chinese Theater Renamed

sdfGrauman’s Chinese Theatre will become

TCL Chinese Theater.

Chinese Theater & Handprint ceremonies

Grauman's Chinese Theater

Grauman’s Chinese Theater is the most popular and well known theater in the world and is also one of the most visited tourist attractions in the World.  After having C.E. Toberman build the Egyptian Theater, Sid Grauman asked Mr. Toberman to build him another theater, this one with a Chinese motif.  


After months of construction, Sid opened  his Chinese Theater on May 18, 1927 with the world premiere of Cecil B. DeMille’s King of King.  In attendance were several of the movie stars that acted in the movie, including William Boyd, and Ernest Torrence, who played Peter in the movie.  The oriental architectural style made it one of the most unique theaters in the world. Oriental antiques were purchase and incorporated into the oriental theme of the theater....

Chinese Theater Photos:Capturing Memories

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Taking photographs is probably the most ideal way of preserving and captivating our memories. Over the years, thousands or may be countless photographs have already been taken and collected to ensure that momentous and important events, places and people are well accounted and documented. Such photographs are even stored and kept over the years for the purpose of preservation and rekindling past memorable events during special occasions.

Photos of important and historical places like the world’s most famous Grauman’s Chinese Theater are easy to view. Rare Chinese Theater Photos have been uploaded and posted on different internet sites, particularly at, to spot...

Peter O'Toole Immortalized at Chinese Theater

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He was Lawrence of Arabia, Beckett and the man of the year in My Favorite Year. On April 30, 2011, Peter O'Toole was immortalized in cement among the gallery of the less than 200 other films notables in the forecourt of Grauman’s Chinese Theater. 
Angelica Houston, Jane Powell and a large group of his fans from the past 50 years came to see Peter place his hands and footprints into a specially mixed “gold dust” color of cement. The first of it’s kind in the 80 year history of this Hollywood tradition. The gold dust represents his epic appearance in 1962′s Lawrence Of Arabia, his first and most epic film. The first cement mason at the Chinese Theater was ...

Robert Duvall honored at Grauman's Chinese Theater

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Joined by Master of Ceremonies, James Caan, Andy Garcia, Billy Bob Thorton and Luciana Pedraza (Mrs. Robert Duvall) Academy Award winning actor Robert Duvall was honored with a historic hand and footprint ceremony at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood CA, January 5, 2011; cementing his acting achievements in one of the longest-running traditions in Hollywood.  Also in attendance were hundreds of adoring fans cheering for Duvall.
Duvall was celebriated for his '50 Years of Excellence in Film' and to mark his birthday as well. 'I am putting my foot in it on my birthday, actually, 'cause today is my birthday,'... 'And...

Jennifer Aniston Honored at Chinese Theater

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Actress Jennifer Aniston sank her hands and feet into the cement in the forecourt of the Chinese Theater in Hollywood on Thursday, one day before the release of her latest film, Horrible Bosses.

'All actors who want to do this, it's really, really fun, but you really have to want to do it, because there's all sorts of stuff that comes along with it,'' the 42-year-old Aniston told the crowd gathered along Hollywood Boulevard. 'But man, I have to tell you, I never in my wildest dreams thought that I'd be sticking my body in cement.''

Aniston, who rose to fame playing Rachel on the hit sitcom...

Chinese Theatre photos



The Chinese Theater is probably the most well known theater in the world today. Construction began in January 1926 by Charles E. Toberman for Sid Grauman. The theater opened May 18, 1927 with the premiere of Cecil B. DeMille's film The King of Kings. Some of Hollywood’s brightest stars attended the premiere, including Ernest Torrence who played the apostle Peter in the...

Chinese Theater Pics

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The largest collection of Chinese Theater pics is  There are scores of fabulous photos of everything from a steamshovel digging the foundation for the theater to tourist looking at the many hand and footprints in the cement.  There...