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Hollywood Blvd.

More Vintage Hollywood Boulevard Photographs

1900 Hollywood Blvd. Photo

Until 1910, Hollywood Boulevard was named Prospect Ave. When the City of Hollywood annexed to the City of Hollywood, the Board of Trustees rename it Hollywood Blvd. This rare photo is looking west on Prospect Ave, from Gower St. From the website.

Prospect Ave. photo

This vintage photos was taken in 1900 and shows the E.C. Hurd residence on the northwest corner of Prospect Ave. & Wilcox Ave. Prospect Ave. (now Hollywood Blvd.) was lined with pepper trees and was, almost, exclusively a residential street. From the website...

Vintage Hollywood Boulevard Photos

Vintage Hollywood Boulevard Photos

Originally, Hollywood Boulevard was known as Prospect Ave. and was the main street in the Cahuenga Valley.  Before the turn of the twentieth century, the Cahuenga Valley was comprised of farms, small ranches and residences.  In 1903, the residents of the Cahuenga Valley went to the polls and voted to incorporate their community, which they called Hollywood.  The name was first used by Daeida Wilcox who named here small farm Hollywood.  In 1910, seven years after Hollywood was incorporated, the citizens voted to annex their community to the City of Los Angeles.  Ever since then, Hollywood has been a district within the city of Los Angeles. At the same time, Prospect Avenue was renamed Hollywood Boulevard.  Until the film industry settled in Hollywood, in 1910, Hollywood Boulevard was a residential street. Beginning in about 1915, the street began to be converted to a commercial avenue. Today, there are virtually no...

Old Hollywood Boulevard Photos

Old Hollywood Boulevard Photos

Hollywood Blvd. Photo

1900: This photo is looking west on Hollywood Boulevard from Goweer St. Until about 1915, most of Hollywood Blvd. was a residential street. Later the street became one of this country's most popular and glamorous boulevards. From the website.

Hollywood Blvd. & Wilcox Ave. photo

This photo of the northwest corner of Hollywood Blvd. & Wilcox Ave. was taken in 1900. The home was the residence of E. C Hurd. The streetcar and electric car is traveling east and west on Hollywood Blvd. From the website.

Vintage photo of Hollywood Blvd....

Great Old Hollywood Blvd. Photos

1905 Hollywood Boulevard photo

Hollywood Blvd. was known as Prospect Ave. until the Hollywood Board of Trade changed its name in 1910. Prospect Ave. was, primarily, a residential street with a couple of commercial areas.Here is a 1905 photo showing a streetcar travelling down Prospect Ave. near Highland Ave. There are hundreds of vintage Hollywood photos on the website.

1923 Photo of Hollywood Blvd & Cahuenga Ave.

By 1923, twenty three years after the motion pictury industry settled in Hollywood, Hollywood Blvd. & Cahuenga Ave. was a veery busy intersection. Here...

Hollywood Boulevard Photos & Attractions

Hollywood Boulevard Photos & Attractions

Hollywood is one of the most famous and well-known towns in the world. Because of this, Hollywood Boulevard is probably one of the most famous streets in the country.  Originally, Hollywood Blvd. was named Prospect Ave. and it was lined with residences, including the famous Paul DeLongpre home. The surface of the street was dirt or decomposed granite. Down the middle of Prospect Ave. were tracks on which the streetcars would run.  There were two commercial areas on Prospect Ave. The first was at Cahuenga Ave. where Daeida Wilcox donated and promoted this commercial area. The other was further west at the intersection of Highland Ave. It was here, on the northwest corner, that the famous Hollywood Hotel stood.

It wasn’t until 1910 that things began to...

More Vintage Hollywood Boulevard Photos

Prospect Ave

Hollywood Boulevard was originally named Prospect Avenue from 1887 to 1910, when the town of Hollywood was annexed to the city of Los Angeles. Until the motion picture industry settled in Hollywood, in 1910, Hollywood was a small community consisting of small farms ranches and residences. In fact, Hollywood Boulevard was almost exclusively residential. After the film industry settled in Hollywood, Hollywood Boulevard began a gradual change from residential to commercial buildings. By the 1920s, Hollywood Boulevard was one of the most fashionable and popular streets in America. Hollywood Boulevard had wonderful restaurants, elegant shops, theaters, hotels and nightclubs.

Early photo of Hollywood Blvd. & Wilcox Ave....

Vintage and Old Hollywood Boulevard Photographs

Hollywood Blvd. is one of the country's most famous streets. Known for it fine shopping, Hollywood Blvd. is, also, the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The website is the largest collection of Hollywood Blvd. photos.

Hollywood Blvd. & Wilcox Ave. in 1900.


Hollywood Blvd. in 1924


Hollywood Blvd. in 1924

b vxcc...

Early Hollywood Blvd.

Hollywood Blvd.

Hollywood Boulevard is one of the best known streets in the world but it was originally known as Prospect Ave..  Prior to 1903, Hollywood was known as the Cahuenga Valley. In 1903, the residents of the Cahuenga Valley voted to incorporate their small community and call it Hollywood.  Six years later, in 1910, the residents voted to allow Hollywood to be annexed to the City of Los Angeles.  The last official act of the Hollywood Board of Trade was to change the name Prospect Ave. to Hollywood Blvd. In the early years, the only commercial buildings were located at two intersections. The first was at Prospect and Cahuenga Avenues and was promoted by Daeida Wilcox, who is credited with renaming the Cahuenga Valley to Hollywood.  She and her husband, Harvey, purchased 160 acres in 1887 at Prospect and Cahuenga...

Hollywood Blvd.


Prospect Ave.

One of the most well know streets, in the country, is Hollywood Boulevard.  Originally, it was know as Prospect Avenue and the area, now known as Hollywood, was commonly referred to as the Cahuenga Valley.  The area consisted of small farms of citrus and other fruit groves along with quiet streets of single family residents. Shortly after the turn of the twentieth century, there were two growing business centers. The oldest was near the intersection of Prospect Ave. and Wilcox Ave. and was promoted by Daeida Wilcox Beveridge. The other burgeoning

business center was near the intersection of Prospect Ave. and Highland Ave.



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The best way to see what Hollywood Blvd. looked like, years ago, is to look at the photos on the web site.  Before the turn of the century, Hollywood (then known as the Cahuenga Valley) as made up of small farms, and sparsely populated rural type neighborhoods of single family homes.  Prospect Ave (now Hollywood Blvd.) was the main street of the Cahuenga Valley.  Until about the turn of the century, Prospect Ave. consisted, almost exclusively, of residences.  When commercial development began to take place, there were two centers of activity.  The Los Angeles Pacific Boulevard and Development Company was developing the property around the intersection of Prospect Avenue and Highland Ave.  The...

View the Best Hollywood Blvd. Photos At

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The very best collection of Hollywood Blvd. photos can be found on the web site.  The collection was started, by Bruce Torrence in 1970, and today there are over 12,000 photographs of which there are more than 7,000 images on the web site.  These wonderful photos of Hollywood Blvd. show the development of the street from when it was a dirt road to the way it is now.  Originally, Hollywood Blvd. was named Prospect Ave.  However, in 1910, the residents of Hollywood caused the name to be changed to Hollywood Blvd.  Some of the early...

Hollywood Blvd. Pics by

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Any  local history buff will tell you that Hollywood history is some of the most fascinating history in all of the United States... Take Hollywood Blvd., for example.  Is there any more storied street in Los Angeles?  If you wanted to learn just about that pathway alone, you’d have much to study.  

Sometimes the best tool to study, of course, is a visual one. The best collection of Hollywood Blvd. Pics is

Hollywood Blvd. pics are the best way to learn how and when the street was developed.  Take, for example, the grading process that started all the way back...

See Hollywood Blvd. Pics

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If you are looking for pictures of Hollywood Blvd, you can find what you need and more when you visit There are so many photographs to choose from to help give you an idea what Hollywood Boulevard was like back in the day, and to give you a view of how it is different from Hollywood today. You will find a wide variety of Hollywood Blvd. pics when you visit the Hollywood Photographs website, and you will find plenty to choose from for your own personal collection as well as for commercial use. You will find photos and reference information from as early as 1890, and you can find snapshots from north, south, east, and west.

Viewing and ordering...

Hollywood Blvd Pics

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Hollywood Blvd. was originally named Prospect Avenue and was the main street in the sleepy community known as Hollywood. Hollywood was incorporated, as a city of the sixth class, in 1903.  Hollywood's city hall also shared by the police department.However, due to the lack of continued water supply and other municipal facilities, the residents voted to annex their small town to the city of Los Angeles. The last official act of Hollywood's...