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Hollywood Photographs

Vintage Photos of Hollywood from

Earl Carroll Theater

One of Hollywood's most famous theaters—known over the years as the Earl Carroll Theatre, Club Hullabaloo, the Aquarius and, most recently, Nickelodeon on Sunset— has won landmark status as a Historic-Cultural Monument.

Earl Carroll Theater photo

The largest collection of Earl Carroll, Aquarius and Hullabaloo photos is on the website. All the photos in the collection are available for purchase. The website can provide both digital images and actual photos.

The Earl Carroll Theater debuted on December 26, 1938 and was designed by architect, Gordon B. Kaufmann as the West Coast counterpart of a theater...

Early Hollywood Photographs

Early Hollywood Photographs

The collection is one of the most important collections of historical photographs of early & historic Hollywood. The collection, of over 12,000 prints, was assembled by Hollywood historian, Bruce Torrence. The collection is divided into ninety subject categories. These include  Barnsdall Park, Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood hotels, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Sunset Blvd., Hollywood restaurants, Hollywood theaters, Hollywood nightclubs, Hollywood Legion Stadium, Hollywood Canteen, and many others.

C.C. Pierce, Photographer

One of the early Hollywood photographers was Charles Chester Pierce. An engineer by training, Pierce migrated to Southern California in 1886 and began his photographic career in...

Old Hollywood Photographs

Hollywood Canteen photo

1944: Here is a group of visiting servicemen at the Hollywood Canteen. The Canteen was the most popular place for servicemen to visit when traveling to Hollywood. Over three years, more than 3 million servicemen visited the Hollywood Canteen. Photo fro the

Chinese Theater photograph

1963 Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman place their hands and footprints in the Grauman's Chinese Theater's forecourt. The first celebrities to place their hand and footprints in the forecourt's wet cement were Douglas Fairbanks & his wife, Mary Pickford. Since then, hundreds of celebrities have done the same thing. Photo from the collection....

12,000 Vintage Hollywood Photographs

12,000 Hollywood Photographs

The website is the largest collection of vintage Hollywood photographs, with over 12,000 photos.  The website has more than 90 subject categories of photos from which to view and purchase. In addition to the photos, the website has hundreds of blogs covering much of Hollywood’s illustrious history. Here are three of the ninety categories of photos that are on the website. 

Hollywood Canteen photo

Hollywood Canteen Photos & History (Part 1)

In early 1942, Bette Davis and John Garfield met at the Warner Bros.’ commissary to discuss the formation of the Hollywood Canteen.   John recently returned...

Historic Hollywood Photographs

Historic Hollywood Photographs

Some of the best and finest historic Hollywood photographs are available for viewing and purchasing on the website. There are more than 9,000 historical photos of Hollywood, including such categories as Hollywood Blvd., Ciro's Nightclub, Hollywood Canteen and the Hollywood Studio Club. 

Cocoanut Grove Nightclub Photographs

The Cocoanut Grove, located in the ambassador hotel, on Wilshire Boulevard, was one of Hollywood's most popular nightclubs. After it was opened in 1921, management realized that it needed to be expanded due to its popularity. So the grand ballroom was converted into the 1000-seat Cocoanut Grove.  Thus, was the start of one of the most spectacular nightclubs in Los Angeles.


Vintage Hollywood Photographs and Images

This blog is about the vintage Hollywood photographs that appear on the Internet, particularly Google.

The largest collection of vintage Hollywood photos is on the website.  There are more than 9000 historical photos of Hollywood and there are more than 90 subject categories from which to view old Hollywood photographs.

duffBrown Derby Restaurant Photographs

One of Hollywood's most famous restaurants was the Brown Derby restaurant of which there were four locations. The first Brown Derby restaurant was opened in the mid-1920s, on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles. It was founded by Herbert K. Somborn who built the restaurant to look like a large brown derby hat. Because the restaurant was so successful, Somborn...

Rare and Old Hollywood Photographs

Rare and old Hollywood photographs can be found on the popular website. With more than 9000 photographs and over 90 subjects from which to choose, this website is the largest collection of Hollywood photos. The following are four photographs subjects that are on the website.

Laurel Canyon Photographs

Laurel Canyon became a popular scenic location shortly after Hollywood was annexed to Los Angeles. Hundreds of visitors each week traveled up the 2 mile-long Laurel Canyon Boulevard, a graded dirt road. The road ran up the canyon, for it divided at what is now look out mountain Avenue. The left road twisted to the summit of Lookout Mountain, while the right road continued to the top of the Santa Monica Mountains and down to the San Fernando Valley.

In 1980, Lookout Mountain was subdivided into bungalow lots,...

More Vintage Hollywood Photographs

Hollywood Restaurant And Nightclub Photos

The largest collection of Hollywood restaurants is on the website. There are more than 450 photos of 95  past and present Hollywood restaurants ane nightclubs.  One of the most famous nightclubs was Ciro's Nightclub on Sunset Boulevard. Opened in January, 1940 by William Wilkerson, the club was an immediate success. Many of Hollywood's most glamorous celebrities visited Ciro's on a nightly basis. The nightclub boasted of some of the finest entertainers to perform on a regular basis. Some included Sammy Davis Jr., Sophie Tucker, Peggy Lee, and Liberace. After more than 25 years of operation, the club closed in 1958.

Other restaurants and nightclubs on Sunset Boulevard included Mocambo, Cafe Trocadero, and La Rue.  All of these restaurants were popular with the Hollywood community,...

Old & Historical Hollywood Photographs

Old and Historical Hollywood Photographs

The website is the largest collection of Hollywood photos in the world. No other collection has as many photographs of the famous community of Hollywood. There are over 12,000 photographs that cover more than 90 subject categories. All of the photographs, in the collection, are available for purchase. Among the photographs, are images of Gilmore Field, Hollywood Boulevard, the Hollywood studio club, and the Hollywood Legion Stadium.


Hollywood Guild and Canteen

At the beginning of the second world war, most of the servicemen who visited Hollywood did not have a place to stay. Many were found sleeping on bus benches, in...

Historical Hollywood Photos

Historical Hollywood Photos

The largest collection of Hollywood photos is on the website. With more than 8000 photos, covering over 90 subject matters, the website is the best way to look at, and purchase, historical Hollywood photos.


Early Hollywood

Hollywood's few residents were going about their business at the turn-of-the-century on pepper – tree shaded dirt streets, bordered by dirt sidewalks and curbs of rock from the fields under cultivation. Few of the citizens paid attention to the story that some fellow was making one of those new moving pictures in Los Angeles and on the beach at Santa Monica. None of the farmers, developers, and entrepreneurs who were busy expanding their little suburb could imagine that, owing to the motion pictures, their...

New Hollywood Photographs

The largest collection of Hollywood photos and images is  There are more than 12, 000 vintage Hollywood photos and Hollywood images in the collection and cover more than 90 subject categories.

Recently the collection’s owner, Bruce Torrence, rescanned more than 500 photos that cover seven subject categories and put them on his historic website,


Hollywoodland Sign Images

One of the most popular subjects, in the collection, is photographs of the Hollywoodland and Hollywood sign. Built in 1923, the sign read Hollywoodland and was an advertisement sign for the real estate development of the same name and was located on the Beachwood Canyon area. The developers installed streets, curbs and graded...