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Hollywood Pictures

More Hollywood Pictures on

Photograph Categories

With over ninety subject categories from which to choose, selecting which photos one wishes to view can be challenging.  Where do you start?  On page two of the web site is a list of all the categories of all the photos on he web site. 

Aerial Photos

Most of the aerial pictures are extremely rare and were taken by the famed aerial photographer, Robert Spence. Using his bi-plane, he took some of the most amazing aerial photographs in the world.  Whether it was a photo of the movie studios or an image of the Hollywoodland sign, all Spence’s aerial photos are absolutely  crystal clear. 


Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood’s most important and historic street...

Hollywood Pictures on


Hollywood Pictures is the largest collection of Hollywood Pictures on the internet.  Begun in 1970, the collection was started by Bruce Torrence, whose grandfather, Charles E. Toberman, was an early Hollywood pioneer.  Beginning with about thirty historic photographs of Hollywood, Bruce began on a mission to establish the largest collection of Hollywood pictures, in the world.

Hollywood Sign

Pictures of the Hollywood sign is probably the most popular category of photo in the collection.  There are over 225 photos of this Hollywood icon

Today there are over 12,000 photographs in the collection, of which there are more than 8,000 pictures on his web site,


Searching and Purchasing Hollywood Pictures

                                                         Searching and Purchasing Hollywood Pictures

There are two types of Hollywood pictures or photographs.  There are those of celebrities, movie stars and television personalities – and then there are those of Hollywood, the town or community.  These are the pictures of the “brick and mortar” Hollywood. There are hundreds of web sites that sell or display pictures of celebrities but there’s really only one that is devoted to displaying and selling pictures of geographic Hollywood.  That web site is and there are more than 8,000 photos on it. Searching or viewing the pictures on this web site is extremely easy and fun.

Searchers simply enter a keyword, on Google,... For Great Hollywood Pictures

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It was just over one hundred years ago that Hollywood became its own city.  On November  14, 1903, the residents of the Cahuenga Valley voted to incorporate their small community and the called the City of Hollywood.  At that time, Hollywood was a small residential town which was about twelve west of downtown Los Angeles.  City hood didn’t last but a few years because of an inadequate water supply and municipal facilities.  In February 1919, the residents of Hollywood voted to annex their small community to the City of Los Angeles.  The last official act of the Board of Trade was to rename Prospect Ave to Hollywood Blvd.

One of the early residents was Daeida Wilcox and her husband,...

Amazing Hollywood Pictures

             ** Click Here To See photos **

The most amazing pictures of old Hollywood can be seen on the web site.  If you are looking for  a picture of your favorite celebrity placing their hand and footprints in the cement at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater or photos of the famous Hollywood Bowl, you will find it on the web site.


One of the most famous hotels in Hollywood is the Hollywood Roosevelt...

More Hollywood Pictures at

               ** CLICK HERE TO SEE PHOTOS **

The has put hundreds of Hollywood pictures on its web site.

Most of the new picture are of the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremonies that take place every month.  Sponsored by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, the Hollywood Walk of Fame began in 1958 with eight the installation of eight celebrity stars being placed at the northwest corner of Hollywood Blvd. and Highland Ave.  Joanne Woodward was the first to pose by a Hollywood Walk of Fame star.  Some of the new Hollywood Walk of Fame pictures that have been added to the


                ** Click Here To View Photos ** is the largest collection of Hollywood pictures in the world.  No other collection has as many old and current pictures of Hollywood than the web site. 

There are over 8000 historic images of Hollywood on the web site. which is part of the larger collection which contain more than 12,000 wonderful pictures of Hollywood.

There are over ninety subject categories from which to choose.  The most photos in any category is in the Hollywood Walk of Fame category.  With more than 500 images, this category has pictures of Kevin...

New Hollywood Pictures On Web Site

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More than 500 Hollywood pictures have been added to the the, the largest collection of Hollywood pictures.  The new pictures fall into about eight subject categories, including the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Aerials,Hollywood Canteen, Hollywood Blvd. and movie studios.

Many of the new Hollywood Walk of Fame photos are of ceremonies that took...


       ** Click Here To View Photos **

More than 1000 Hollywood pictures have been added to the web site.  Many of those additions are in the Miscellaneous category which include pictures of those subjects that do not fit in the other ninety categories.  Now there are about one hundred and fifty photos in the Miscellaneous category.  Some of the Miscellaneous pictures include the 1887 first tract map in Hollywood, Hollywood Tire Company, ...

Great Old Pictures of Hollywood

       ** Click Here To View Photos **

The largest collection of Hollywood pictures is is at

There are thousands of pictures of all of Hollywood famous places and celebrities of the Golden Age of Hollywood.  Some of the popular nightclubs include Ciro's, Cafe Trocadero and the Mocambo.  Celebrities that ate and drank at these famous places included Frank Sinatra, Rita Hayworth and Errol Flynn.


Old Hollywood Pictures from

       ** Click Here To View Images **

The best Hollywood pictures are on the web site.  There are over 7000 historic and vintage pictures covering more than ninty subject categories.  Some of the most popular subjects include the Hollywood Sign, Hollywood Walk of Fame and restaurants and nightclubs.

Other Hollywood pictures are of the Hollywood Canteen which existed from 1942 to Thanksgiving day in 1945.  During the three years it operated, more than three million servicemen...


         ** Click Here To View Photos ** 

Those of who love Hollywood will have a true appreciation for our web site. Hollywood is such an exciting place, but those who want to have more to remember it by often go to various sources for it. is the best source for  Hollywood pictures, and with so many to choose from there is no doubt that we have what you need. Whether it’s a Golden Age of Hollywood celebrity you follow or a  photo of your favorite places, this web site is a great place to buy photographs from for your own personal enjoyment or for commercial use. 

There are more than ninety subject categories from which to choose.  There are pictures...


       ** Click Here To View Photos **

In order to fully appreciate Hollywood, it’s best to learn about its history from initial development to becoming an icon for the movie industry. One way to get a glimpse and better understanding of Hollywood and its history is to look at Hollywood pictures that document the construction of famed buildings like the Griffith Observatory, Chinese Theater and the Hollywood Bowl. has the largest collection of historical Hollywood pictures including photos of the growth of the...


         ** Click Here To View Photos **

For those interested in looking at thousands of old Hollywood pictures, the web site is the largest of its kind.  With over 6000 pictures, covering more than ninety categories, this collection has something for everyone.  From crystal clear aerial photos to pictures of fashionable Hollywood premieres, this site has it all.  Probably the most popular category of photographs is the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  There are over four hundred images of Hollywood’s most famous celebrities having their names placed in the Walk of Fame.  Photos of Ron Howard, Elton John, Shirley Jones, Michael Jackson, Robert Mitchum and Tom Selleck  are just a few of the great photos in the Walk of Fame category.


Old Hollywood Pictures

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Anyone wishing to look at old Hollywood pictures can simply go to the web site.  There are over 12000 photos in the collection, of which about 6000 images are on the web site.  There are ninety subject categories from which to choose, including, the Hollywood sign, restaurants/nightclubs, theaters, movie studios and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

Photographs of...


         ** Click Here To View Photos ** 

Browse thousands of historic Hollywood pictures including such landmarks as the Hollywood Bowl, the Hollywood Sign, Hollywood Canteen and many more. has the largest number of Hollywood pictures than any other collection in the world.  With more than 12,000 photos in the  collection has placed over 6,000 photos on its web site.

The web site pictures have been divided into ninety subject categories so that viewers are able to select and view with ease.  In addition to the photos, there is a brief history of each category and a blog section that describes many of the photo categories.  

All the Hollywood pictures are available for purchase -- either in digital format or...