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Hollywood Sign

More vintage Hollywood Sign photos


Historic Hollywood Sign Photos

The Hollywood Sign orginally read Hollywoodland and was erected in 1923 as an advertising sign for a real estate development  of the same name. In 1949, the sign was damaged by a severe wine storm which knocked the letter "H" down. The last four letters were removed and the sign restored. Since then the sign has read HOLLYWOOD. By 1978, the sign was in disrepair, which caused the Chamber of Commerce to undertake a fundraising campaign to replace the old sign with a new one. The old sign was demolished and a new sign built in 1978. From the website.


Hollywood Sign Photos & History

Hollywood Sign Photos & History

After the motion picture industry settled in Hollywood in 1910, Hollywood began to experience explosive growth.  As Hollywood’s population grew, so did the demand for housing. 

Hollywoodland photo


On March 31, 1923, to help satisfy this need, Harry Chandler, publisher of the Los Angeles Times newspaper, Moses H. Sherman, Director of the Pacific Electric Railway Company, and his brother-in-law, E. P. Clark, announced the formation of a syndicate to develop a real estate tract known as Hollywoodland.  Located at the north end of Beachwood Canyon, the 640 acre parcel had been acquired by Clark and Sherman in July,...

Hollywood Sign History #6



For years, the date of 1949 has been accepted and written as the date the letter “H”, of the Hollywoodland sign, was knocked to the ground. The most accepted story was that it was blown down in a windstorm in 1949.  Of course, the tale about Albert Kothe driving, while drunk, over the summit and knocking down the letter “H”, is totally apocryphal. While viewing microfilm at the Los Angeles Public Library, I found a April 12, 1947 Los Angeles Evening Herald article which showed a photo of the letter “H” lying on the ground. The caption read, “ --- where the H used to be before a wind blew it down five years ago.”  I then located a Los Angeles Times article, dated March 27, 1944 in which actor, Pat O’Brien stated, “ --- that a recent windstorm made...

Hollywoodland & Hollywood sign photos

Hollywoodland sign

The Hollywoodland sign's construction was started in about late October 1923 and finished during the first week of December, 1923. It was first illuminaated on December 8, 1923.

Hollywood Sign dedication

Sometime in December 1923, Harry Chandler and others dedicated the newly constucted Hollywoodland sign.

Hollywood land sign at night

1924: Tthe Hollywoodland sign at night.  The sign was illuminated with 3,700 ten-watt bulbs.

Peg Entwistle Photo...

More Hollywood Sign Images

Hollywood Sign Images

Some of the most popular photos of Hollywood are of the Hollywood sign.   For some unknown reason, the Hollywood sign has become a true Hollywood icon. During the past ten years, the website has sold more than 500 vintage Hollywood Sign photos. Some have been actual prints but most have been digital images. is the largest collection of Hollywood  photos.

As most people know, the famous sign originally read HOLLYWOODLAND which was erected in 1923 as an advertising gimmick for the real estate development, of the same name.  

Historic Hollywoodland Sign photo


Hollywood Sign Photos on website

The largest collection of Hollywoodland Sign and the Hollywood Sign are on the website.

Hollywoodland Sign Photos

There are more than 500 vintage Hollywoodland Sign and Hollywood Sign photographs in this large collection. 

Construction of the Hollywoodland Sign began in October 1923 when the Hollywoodland Development Company decided they needed an advertisement gimmick to attract buyers to their tract.

Vintage and Historic Hollywoodland sign photo

Hollywoodland Sign Construction

The sign was first erected in 1923 and originally read "HOLLYWOODLAND."...

Hollywoodland Electric Sign

Hollywoodland Electric Sign

The Hollywoodland sign, which was erected in 1923, was lighted from the time the sign was completed.  It wasn’t until photos in the collection were examined that it was confirmed that the sign’s lights were installed during the last days of the sign’s construction.  Some of the photos show work men carrying lighted boxes up the hill to be installed around the perimeter of each letters. 

Photo of Construction of Hollywoodland sign

It should be pointed out that a test letter was erected to the east of where the sign was eventually erected.

The following is the text from a September 1924 article in the Practical Electrics...

New Hollywood Sign Photos

Photo of Hollywoodland Sign construction

1923 Construction of the Hollywoodland sign. Men carrying light bars up to be installed on the sign.

Vintage photo of the Hollywood Sign

1925 A car driving in the Hollywoodland residental tract, just below the Hollywoodland sign.

Historic photo of Peg Entwistle

In September 1932, a despondent actress named Millicent "Peg" Entwistle climbed a ladder at the back end of...

Hollywood Sign Photographs

The Hollywood sign is one of the most iconic symbols of Hollywood. It’s history span more than ninety years and has undergone many changes.  Most people don’t know that the sign originally read HOLLYWOODLAND and was intended to be an advertising sign for the real estate development, with the same name.  The owners of the Hollywoodland real estate tract, decided they needed a gimmick that would attract potential buyers to their development.  In 1923, construction began on the sign and within a few months, it was completed.


The sign was constructed with fifty-foot telephone poles, large wooden beams, cables and faced with large pieces of perforated sheet...

Vintage & Old Hollywood Hollywood Sign Photos

All of these photos are from the website. It is the largest collection of Hollywood photographs.

New Hollywood Sign Photo


Hollywood Sign In Disrepair Photo


Hollywood Sign Dedication Photo


The Best Hollywood Sign Photographs

Best Hollywood Sign Photographs

Hollywood Icon 

The Hollywood sign is, unquestionably, the most iconic Hollywood symbol. No other image conveys Hollywood as does the very famous Hollywood sign.

Over the course of more than ninety years, thousands of photographs have been taken of this famous icon. The largest collection of Hollywood sign photos is on the website. The collection contains more than 1000 Hollywood sign photos, of which 250 are on the website. The photos include everything from the construction of the sign, which originally read Hollywoodland, the sign’s dedication, the 1949 damage, the original Hollywood sign, the deterioration of the sign, demolition of the sign, construction of the new sign, and the many alterations that took place beginning in the 1970’s.


Hollywood Sign Altered

Altering the Hollywood Sign

For the first 50 years, since the Hollywood sign was erected, the sign was never altered or vandalized. Probably the most shocking event that took place was when actress, Peg Entwistle, climbed a ladder to the top of the letter H and jumped off.


The Sign Is Built

By 1923 Los Angeles time publisher, Harry Chandler and other investors, decided to invest in an upscale real estate development called Hollywoodland. The development was located at the north end of Beachwood Drive, at the base of the Hollywood Hills. In order to promote the project, Chandler and his partners put up $21,000 to erect a sign that was 45 foot high, white block letters that were anchored to...

Old Hollywood Sign Photos

Old Hollywood Sign Photos

The largest collection of old Hollywood sign photos and images is the website.

Erected in 1923, the Hollywood sign has long welcomed aspiring actors looking to make it big in Los Angeles. And despite decades of run-ins with vandals, pranksters and developers, among others, it has managed to hang on to its prime location near the summit of Mount Lee in the Hollywood Hills. Last year the sign celebrated its 90th birthday, here are some things you may not know about how it came to be, and its brushes with disaster.  The website has hundreds of old Hollywood sign photos and all are available for purchase.


Hollywood is Named

Harvey and Daeida Wilcox came...

Vintage Hollywood Sign Photos

Vintage Photos of the Hollywood Sign


Unquestionably, the Hollywood sign is one of the most iconic symbols that is recognized by billions of people throughout the world. Almost every time you turn around, there is a photo on the television of the famous sign. It has long been recognized by the world that the historic Hollywood sign represents what Hollywood is all about, which is entertainment, and more specifically, the making of movies. The sign, which faces south, and is located on the hillside of Mt. Lee, in the Santa Monica Mountains. The famous sign was erected in 1923 as an advertising vehicle for the real estate development, known as Hollywoodland, which was located just below the sign. The original sign also read ...

History of the Hollywood Sign in Photos

History of the Hollywood Sign

Hollywood, which by now represented not just a city, but also an industry, a lifestyle and, increasingly, and inspiration, was officially crowned when the Hollywoodland sign was erected in 1923.


Hollywoodland Sign

Built by Los Angeles times publisher, Harry Chandler, as an epic $21,000 billboard for his upscale Hollywoodland real estate development, the sign took on the role of a giant marquee for a city that was consistently announcing its own gala premiere.

Dates and debates swirl about when the Hollywood land real estate development – and the massive electric sign thatadvertised it – actually came into being. But a review of local newspapers...

Hollywood Sign's 90th Birthday

Birthday Party

Hollywood’s biggest star, the Hollywood Sign, celebrated its 90th birthday Thursday evening, September 19, at a packed event on the rooftop of Drai’s Hollywood, overlooking the world famous icon of the entertainment industry. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and the Hollywood Sign Trust presented “The White Party,” named in honor of the nine most famous letters in the world, which received a complete makeover in preparation for its starring role last year.

In attendance was Bob Barker, the popular host of “The Price Is Right” and the Miss USA Pagaent. Barker also celebrated his 90th birthday


Chris Baumgart, chairman of the Hollywood Sign Trust, noted that the Sign has experienced the ups and down of pursuing...

Hollywood Sign and Hollywoodland Photos

Hollywoodland Development

After having been established in Hollywood for only a decade the motion picture business was considered to have a greater number of employees than any other industry in Los Angeles. The rapid influx of people to Hollywood caused a temporary shortage of housing, especially for those seeking large single – family residences. One of the first real estate developments to satisfy this need was Hollywoodland.


This magnificent subdivision was officially opened on March 31, 1923 by a syndicate of owners. Located at the northerly portion of Beachwood Drive, the development was located on part of the old Sherman and Clark ranch, which comprised 500 of wooded canyons and knolls. Hollywoodland offered concrete paved streets with curbs, sewers, ornamental...

Hollywoodland and the Hollywood Sign Photos

Hollywoodland and The Hollywood Sign Photos

When people around the world see the Hollywood Sigh on the Mt. Lee hillside, they usually think glamour, excitement and movies.

The real history of the sign is decidedly more grounded than this popular belief.  Ninty years ago, the sign was built as an advertisement for a new hillside real estate development following in what became a long standing Los Angeles tradition the sales and marketing of its real estate.

To promote Hollywoodland to those who lived and worked in those very lowlands, Chandler came upon the unique notion of erecting an immense billboard of sorts in the hills above the tract.  At a cost of $21,000, thirteen gargantuan letters that spelled HOLLYWOODLAND were constructed high on the chapparal-covered south-side of Mt. Lee, held in place by a ramshackle scaffold of pipes, wires, and...

History of the Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood sign is the most recognized sign in the world.  Originally constructed in 1923, the sign read Hollywoodland because it was built to be an advertising sign for the Hollywoodland real estate development at the sign’s feet.  The sign was constructed using fifty-foot telephone poles as the main supports. Wooden beams and  guide wires tied the sign together and then faced with sheet metal.  For  the first two years, the sign was lighted with 4000 incandescent light bulbs, which were replaced by Albert Kothe, then bulbs burned out.

Refurbished Sign 

As time went on, the sign became a victim to the weather – wind, rain and sun.  By 1949, the letter H had blown down in a windstorm and the rest of the sign was in serious disrepair.  The County of Los Angeles, along with the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, took...