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The Players Club

The Players Club

When Preston Sturgis wasn't writing and directing some of the wittiest movies ever to emanate from Hollywood, he could usually be found inside the Players Club, both his personal playroom and his Achilles' heel for 13 years.

Sturgis, who like to work and eat late, wanted to go to a place that was open whenever he or his friends were hungry. In 1938, while under contract to Paramount, he bankrolled Snyders, a short-lived restaurant run by Ted Snyder, a music publisher who had taught Sturgis to write lyrics when he was just getting started in New York.

When Snyder’s failed to catch on, Sturgis closed it down and  tried to sell off the kitchen supplies and equipment he now owned. Unable to recoup his losses by more than a few cents on the dollar, he decided to open a restaurant himself.

Sturgis didn't think small. To house the players, name for the new York theatrical club, he found a two-story house on the Sunset strip....

Don The Beachcombers Restaurant Photos

Don The Beachcomber Restaurant Photos

Photos of Don The Beachcomber Restaraunt ar very rare. Some of the best vintage photos are on the website. All photos are vailable for purchase.

Don the Beachcomber photo

The story of Don the beachcomber began shortly after prohibition. A small-town Minnesota school teacher with a big imagination named Cora Irene Sund saved enough money so that she could move to Los Angeles and secure a job as a waitress at  the tick-tock restaurant ., Cahuenga Avenue. Cora Sue met and inventive bartender, Ernest Gantt, who served exotic rum drinks at his tacky tropical bar located in a Hollywood Hotel. His moniker was Don the beachcomber. When the schoolteacher...

Vintage Hollywood Restaurant Photos

Vintage Hollywood Theater Photographs

For years, Hollywood has some of the most gorgeous, lavish and ornate theaters in the world.  Even today, four of them are considered the most beautiful palace type theaters ever built.

Hollywood Theater

The first movie theater in Hollywood was the Idyl Hour Theater.  Established in either 1910 or 1911, it was located at 6525 Hollywood Boulevard. During its first year, the small theater was little more than a converted store with chairs, a projector and a screen. The Idyl Hour, whose name was changed to the Iris Theater in 1913, moved to 6415 Hollywood Blvd. in 1914, and to a new 1000-seat theater at 6508 Hollywood Blvd. in 1918.

The second theater was, appropriately, the Hollywood Theater. It opened in 1913, had a capacity of 700 and charged ten cents for admission, $.15 for loge seats in the nickel...

Early Hollywood Restaurant Pictures

                         Early Hollywood Restaurant Pictures

Hollywood boasted of having some of the finest restaurants and nightclubs in the world.The boom in popular entertainment necessitated the opening of the new and luxurious restaurants on Hollywood Blvd.  Musso & Frank Grill was an instant hit when it opened at 6669 Hollywood Blvd. In 1919. Founded by John Musso and Frank Toulet, they operated the small restaurant for six years, until they sold it to Joseph Carissimi and John Mosso, whose name was so similar to Musso.

For a while, Musso’s was about the only fine restaurant on the “boulevard.”  The movie people came and still do, but without the glamour deemed necessary in other restaurants.  It also became extremely...

Sunset Boulevard Restaurants & Nightclubs # 1

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                           Sunset Boulevard Restaurants & Nightclubs # 1

Earl Carroll Theater

Probably no other street in the United States had more famous and popular restaurants than Sunset Boulevard.  Some were located in Hollywood but most were situated on that part of Sunset Blvd., known as the Sunset Strip.  The Strip was that geographic area that is part of the County of Los Angeles.  Surrounded by the City of Los Angeles, this area was popularly referred...

The Glamorous Hollywood Nightclubs

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During its heyday, Hollywood boasted of having the most elegant restaurants and nightclubs in the world.  Hollywood’s most glamorous celebrities used these places as their playgrounds and were envied by their fans.

The days of dazzling gowns, studio-bred elegance, and men who looked as if they wore dinner clothes every balmy night belong to a Hollywood that no longer exists and , perhaps, never did.  The Coconut Grove, the Cafe Trocadero, Ciro’s and Mocambo were the great nightclubs that dominated Los Angeles in the 1940s, a decade that saw both the zenith and decline of what we now think of as Old Hollywood.

Yet sometimes the line between real life and the movies was as thin a s piece of celluloid.  The Coconut...

Romanoff's Restaurant

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Romanoff'sTo an industry driven by fantasy and imaginary, Romanoff's was a perfect fit. The Beverly Hills Restaurant was the name sake and invention of a self-declared prince with a personality big enough to dazzle the town's most important movers and shakers.  Competing studio heads, Daryl Zanuck and Jack Warner were among those who put up the money fro Romanoff's in Beverly Hills, and 'Prince' Mile Romanoff became a celebrity.

Romanoff was born Hershel Geguzin in Lithuania in 1890 and immigrated to New York City at age ten and changed his name to Harry F. Gerguson sometime after 1900.  His father was a tailor and Harry became a pants presser. At some point, he claimed to be Prince Michael Dimitri Alexandrovich Obolensky-Romanoff, nephew of Tsar Nicholas II. The fact was, no one cared whether or not Romanoff was Prince Romanoff...


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Musso and Frank Grill claims to be the oldest restaurant in Hollywood, having opened in 1919. This claim is partially true, in that it is Hollywood's oldest restaurant.  However, it was not founded in 1919. Musso and Frank Grill opened its doors on July 28,1923 when Joseph Musso partnered with Frank Toulet, who owned Frank's Francois Cafe (originally known as Frank's Cafe) at 6669 Hollywood Blvd.  Frank Toulet opened Frank's Cafe on September 27th, 1919 and later changed the name to Frank's Francois Cafe.  It is this date of 1919, that Musso And Frank Grill claims to be the founding date of the restaurant.  
In 1927, Frank sold his interest to John Musso and Joseph Carissimi.  In...

Hollywood's Don The Beachcomber Restaurant

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The story of Don the Beachcomber began shortly after Prohibition. A small town Minnesota schoolteacher with a big imagine named Cora Irene Sound saved enough money so that she could move to Los Angeles and secure a job as a waitress at the Tick Tock Tear Room, a family owned restaurant. Cora soon met an inventive bartender, Ernest Raymond Beaumont-Gantt, who served exotic rum drinks in his tacky tropical bar located in the Hollywood Hotel.  His moniker was 'Don The Beachcomber'. When the schoolteacher and bartender mated, Hollywood's first tropical restaurant was born.  Cora Irene (a.k.a. 'Sunny Sound' and 'Mama C.I.') borrowed money and opened Don's  Beachcomber Cafe, in 1934, at...