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The Hollywood Photographs Blog

Hollywood Sign Photographs

The Hollywood sign is one of the most iconic symbols of Hollywood. It’s history span more than ninety years and has undergone many changes.  Most people don’t know that the sign originally read HOLLYWOODLAND and was intended to be an advertising sign for the real estate development, with the same name.  The owners of the Hollywoodland real estate tract, decided they needed a gimmick that would attract potential buyers to their development.  In 1923, construction began on the sign and within a few months, it was completed.


The sign was constructed with fifty-foot telephone poles, large wooden beams, cables and faced with large pieces of perforated sheet...

Hollywood Real Estate Development Photos

Hollywood Real Estate Developments

Traveling along Franklin Avenue, the east/west thoroughfare north of Hollywood Blvd., you might not notice the most historic enclave of 1920s residences from the Golden Era of silent films and speakeasies, aka The Roaring Twenties, rising above Franklin Avenue. And roar they did in those days of high living, laughter and a new industry that seemed to have no bounds. Ethel Barrymore, Charlie Chaplin, Marion Davies, W.C. Fields, Harold Lloyd, Carole Lombard, Rudolph Valentino and many others lived and held legendary parties that marked an era and the early Hollywood film industry. Many of these celebrities lived in the Hollywood area, which included Whitley Heights, Hollywoodland and the Outpost Estates.


Vintage Hollywood Photographs and Images

This blog is about the vintage Hollywood photographs that appear on the Internet, particularly Google.

The largest collection of vintage Hollywood photos is on the website.  There are more than 9000 historical photos of Hollywood and there are more than 90 subject categories from which to view old Hollywood photographs.

duffBrown Derby Restaurant Photographs

One of Hollywood's most famous restaurants was the Brown Derby restaurant of which there were four locations. The first Brown Derby restaurant was opened in the mid-1920s, on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles. It was founded by Herbert K. Somborn who built the restaurant to look like a large brown derby hat. Because the restaurant was so successful, Somborn...

Vintage Sunset Blvd.

Vintage Sunset Blvd. Photographs

Sunset Blvd. is one Hollywood's longest and most popular and travelled streets. It runs from the Pacific Ocean on the west to downtown Los Angeles. The most lavish and glamorous portion of Sunset Blvd. is the Sunset Strip, which is in the County of Los Angeles. The Sunset Strip was home to some of the world's most gorgeopus and popular nightclubs and Restaurants. They included La Boheme, Cafe Trocadero. Mocambo, Ciro's ansd La Rue, which all existed during the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.  During the 1970s and 1980s, restaurants shuch as Scandia, Cock 'n Bull and Cyrano's lined the famous Sunset Strip. Photos of Sunset Blvd. can be the viewed on the website. It is the largest collection of...

Hollywood VJ Day Photographs

VJ Day in Hollywood

When President Truman announced, on August 14, 1945, that the war with Japan, VJ Day, was over, the nation went wild Hollywood went wild. Rushing from offices, stores and homes, thousands of people poured onto Hollywood Blvd. In the midst of sirens, whistles, auto horns and screaming, the streets were snowed with confetti scraps of paper of every sort that floated down over the jammed sidewalks which a moment before had been sanely trod with quiet shoppers.


Servicemen, and civilians snake danced through the jumbled crowd while singing, "Hail, Hail, the job's all done." An impromptu parade formed that paralyzed traffic. Clanging streetcars tried to fight their way...

Vintage Hollywood Restaurant Photos

Vintage Hollywood Theater Photographs

For years, Hollywood has some of the most gorgeous, lavish and ornate theaters in the world.  Even today, four of them are considered the most beautiful palace type theaters ever built.

Hollywood Theater

The first movie theater in Hollywood was the Idyl Hour Theater.  Established in either 1910 or 1911, it was located at 6525 Hollywood Boulevard. During its first year, the small theater was little more than a converted store with chairs, a projector and a screen. The Idyl Hour, whose name was changed to the Iris Theater in 1913, moved to 6415 Hollywood Blvd. in 1914, and to a new 1000-seat theater at 6508 Hollywood Blvd. in 1918.

The second theater was, appropriately, the Hollywood Theater. It opened in 1913, had a capacity of 700 and charged ten cents for admission, $.15 for loge seats in the nickel...

Vintage Hollywood Walk of Fame Images

Hollywood Walk of Fame Images

Without question, the Hollywood walk of fame is one of Hollywood's greatest contributions to the history and importance of the entertainment industry.


In the late 1950s, the Hollywood merchants Association conceived a plan that would honor all of those individuals who contributed so much to making Hollywood the entertainment capital of the world. Phil Levine, president of the Association, recalled that raising money for the walk of fame was a difficult task. Their solution placed the project on the tax bill. Every property owner along Hollywood Boulevard was required to pay an assessment. This did not sit well with all the property owners who were hit by the special...

More Vintage Hollywood Canteen Photographs

Vintage Hollywood Canteen Photographs

Here are some Hollywood Canteen Photographs from the website.

Front cover of the book, "Hollywood Canteen: Where the greatest generation danced with the most beautiful girls in the world".


Actress, Fay McKenzie dances the jitterbug with a serviceman at the Hollywood Canteen.


Early Hollywood Radio & Television Broadcasts and Radio Stations

If you were to walk down Vine Street in the 30’s-40’s, you would see lit-up station call letters in every direction. In the golden ages of radio and television, Hollywood was the broadcast capitol, and Vine Street was mecca.

Movies, of course, made Hollywood’s image, but daily national radio shows captured Hollywood the place in living rooms across the country, and helped it become the world’s entertainment capital. And when TV came on the scene, show business would change forever. The website has scores of vintage photos of Hollywood radio and television stations. There are more than 125 rare photographs of Hollywood television and radio stations on the website.

Early Hollywood Radio Stations

It started in 1924, fledgling station KNX beamed daily broadcasts of orchestra music and movie star interviews from a downtown theatre. KHJ soon sprung...

Vintage Hollywood Restaurants

Vintage Hollywood Restaurant Photo

Over the course of the past 75 years, Hollywood has had many fine and popular restaurants, some of whom are world renowned. Some of the early restaurants included the Armstrong-Carlton Café, Henry's delicatessen and the Hollywood Hotel. Shortly after the motion picture industry settled in Hollywood the population of the once sleepy community began to grow. It wasn't long before Hollywood Boulevard was transformed into a popular commercial Street with theaters, stores and restaurants.

Musso & Frank Grill

The boom in popular entertainment necessitated the opening of new and luxurious restaurants on Hollywood Boulevard. Musso and Frank Grill was an instant hit when it over at 6360 Hollywood Blvd. in 1919. Founded by John Musso and Frank Toulet, they operated the small restaurant...

Vintage and Old Hollywood Boulevard Photographs

Hollywood Blvd. is one of the country's most famous streets. Known for it fine shopping, Hollywood Blvd. is, also, the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The website is the largest collection of Hollywood Blvd. photos.

Hollywood Blvd. & Wilcox Ave. in 1900.


Hollywood Blvd. in 1924


Hollywood Blvd. in 1924

b vxcc...

Rare and Old Hollywood Photographs

Rare and old Hollywood photographs can be found on the popular website. With more than 9000 photographs and over 90 subjects from which to choose, this website is the largest collection of Hollywood photos. The following are four photographs subjects that are on the website.

Laurel Canyon Photographs

Laurel Canyon became a popular scenic location shortly after Hollywood was annexed to Los Angeles. Hundreds of visitors each week traveled up the 2 mile-long Laurel Canyon Boulevard, a graded dirt road. The road ran up the canyon, for it divided at what is now look out mountain Avenue. The left road twisted to the summit of Lookout Mountain, while the right road continued to the top of the Santa Monica Mountains and down to the San Fernando Valley.

In 1980, Lookout Mountain was subdivided into bungalow lots,...

More Vintage Hollywood Photographs

Hollywood Restaurant And Nightclub Photos

The largest collection of Hollywood restaurants is on the website. There are more than 450 photos of 95  past and present Hollywood restaurants ane nightclubs.  One of the most famous nightclubs was Ciro's Nightclub on Sunset Boulevard. Opened in January, 1940 by William Wilkerson, the club was an immediate success. Many of Hollywood's most glamorous celebrities visited Ciro's on a nightly basis. The nightclub boasted of some of the finest entertainers to perform on a regular basis. Some included Sammy Davis Jr., Sophie Tucker, Peggy Lee, and Liberace. After more than 25 years of operation, the club closed in 1958.

Other restaurants and nightclubs on Sunset Boulevard included Mocambo, Cafe Trocadero, and La Rue.  All of these restaurants were popular with the Hollywood community,...

Vintage & Old Hollywood Hollywood Sign Photos

All of these photos are from the website. It is the largest collection of Hollywood photographs.

New Hollywood Sign Photo


Hollywood Sign In Disrepair Photo


Hollywood Sign Dedication Photo


The Magic Castle

The Magic Castle is the private clubhouse for an organization dedicated to the advancement of the ancient art of magic, as well as a strong desire to preserve its history as an art form, entertainment medium, and hobby.  They began with a charter membership of 150, and now have a worldwide fraternity of nearly 5,000 and a unique and priceless library committed to the magical arts.


Rollin Lane Estate

The Magic Castle began its life as a private home built in 1908 by banker and real estate magnate Rollin B. Lane, who owned much of what is now Hollywood.  His dream to turn the land into orange groves and farms was ended by a severe drought,...

Vintage Photos of Universal Studios

Vintage Photos Of Universal Studios

This year marks the 100th birthday of Universal Pictures, and Paramount Pictures celebrates its centennial this year as well. While Universal and Paramount are major Hollywood motion picture studios today, they started in 1912 as independent studios, challenging the monopoly that had a chokehold on the film industry and taking on Thomas Edison. One of the largest collection of Universal Studio photos is on the website.


The Trust

Carl Laemmle was fed up with Thomas Edison and his “Trust”.  The 5-foot-2-inch German immigrant was the little guy in more...