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The Hollywood Photographs Blog


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The best way to see what Hollywood Blvd. looked like, years ago, is to look at the photos on the web site.  Before the turn of the century, Hollywood (then known as the Cahuenga Valley) as made up of small farms, and sparsely populated rural type neighborhoods of single family homes.  Prospect Ave (now Hollywood Blvd.) was the main street of the Cahuenga Valley.  Until about the turn of the century, Prospect Ave. consisted, almost exclusively, of residences.  When commercial development began to take place, there were two centers of activity.  The Los Angeles Pacific Boulevard and Development Company was developing the property around the intersection of Prospect Avenue and Highland Ave.  The...

The Old Settlers Parade in Hollywood

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By 1920, Hollywood residents felt a twinge of regret over the loss of Hollywood’s Gentility and culture.  G.G. Greenwood, who had worked in Hollywood since Dr. Edwin O. Palmer opened the Hollywood National Bank, did not want the new Hollywood residents to forget Hollywood’s past. Greenwood, then the head of the Security Bank branch at Cahuenga Ave. joined the Hollywood Citizen newspaper to organize a yearly celebration of the early settlers with a parade down Hollywood Blvd. and a picnic in Plummer Park. The noontime parade...

New Hollywood Walk of Fame Pics

            ** Click Here To View Photos ** has just added many new Hollywood Walk of Fame pics to it’s web site..  Some of the most recent additions include, Sam Waterston, Mel Brooks, Mark Burnett and Mary Steenburgen.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame was conceived in the mid-1950s and the first celebrity to have a photo taken with a terrazzo sidewalk...

Jennifer Aniston to Receive Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

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The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce will honor Jennifer Aniston with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on February 22, 2012 at 11:30 a.m. at 6270 Hollywood Boulevard. 

Jennifer Aniston was born in Sherman Oaks, California. Her family moved to New York City when her father was cast in a role on the daytime drama “Love of Life.” As an eleven-year-old student at the Rudolf Steiner School in New York City, she joined the drama club and her experience there encouraged her to pursue acting as a career. She then studied further at New York’s High School of the Performing Arts.  After she graduated in 1987, she landed roles in the off-Broadway...

Paul McCartney Receives Walk of Fame Star

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Famed musician and former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Thursday, February 9, 2012.

“Way back in history, in Liverpool when we were kids and we were listening to Buddy Holly and all the rock and roll greats, I would have never thought the day would come when I'd be getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame,” McCartney said at the ceremony. “That was an impossible thing to happen. But here we are today.” Sir Paul then thanked “three boys” in his life: John, George and Ringo.

McCartney’s star — the 2,460th given — was approved in 1993. He was the last Beatle to accept the honor, with John Lennon’s and George...

Hollywood Tilting And Floral Parade

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In 1905, seventy five Hollywood Citizens gathered to organize the Hollywood Club. At the meeting, Paul DeLongpre was elected its first president.  Established as a social organization, the Hollywood Club took up quarters on the second floor of Mrs. Daeida Beveridge’s newly completed Wilcox Building at Prospect Ave. and Cahuenga Ave.  The facility had a large dance floor with rostrum, a billiard and card room, and an office where soft drinks and cigars could be purchased.

The year after the club was organized, it built two fine tennis courts across the street, on the...

Hollywood Walk of Fame Pics from Bruce Torrence


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Are you someone that follows the Hollywood Walk of Fame year by year? Perhaps you get star struck with actors and singers young and old. Whatever the case might be you will discover the wonderful collection of Hollywood Walk of Fame pics that Bruce Torrence offers at You will see photos of Jack Albertson, Herb Alpert, Johnny Depp, Reese Witherspoon, and many more. With 13 pages of...


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In the very beginning, the Hollywood Studio Club was the meeting place for the young women trying to push into the motion picture business. These women living in cheap hotels had no place to practice their art. So, they gathered in the basement of the Hollywood public library for the rehearsals. The librarian Mrs. Eleanor Jones worried too much about the women. With the donations of the city’s businessmen and the Hollywood studios, she rented an old house on Carlos Avenue. The club was called sorority house as it functioned for women only. One of the largest collections of Hollywood Studio Club...


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Those of who love Hollywood will have a true appreciation for our web site. Hollywood is such an exciting place, but those who want to have more to remember it by often go to various sources for it. is the best source for  Hollywood pictures, and with so many to choose from there is no doubt that we have what you need. Whether it’s a Golden Age of Hollywood celebrity you follow or a  photo of your favorite places, this web site is a great place to buy photographs from for your own personal enjoyment or for commercial use. 

There are more than ninety subject categories from which to choose.  There are pictures...


                  ** Click Here To View Photos **

The best source for Hollywood images is the web site.   No other collection has as many photos or as many subject categories from which to choose.  The ninety plus categories include such popular images as the Hollywood Sign, Grauman’s Chinese Theater, the Hollywood Canteen, Laurel Canyon, and Hollywood...

Early Hollywood Airfields photos by

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In the roaring 1920s aviation came alive, especially in Los Angeles. Airfields sprouted up everywhere, and with Hollywood's new motion picture industry taking root, aviation was embraced by many top producers and directors.

Cecil B. DeMille [1881-1959] was one of Hollywood's general aviation pioneers. In 1917 he bought a wrecked Canuck in Canada and had it shipped here and restored to flying condition. With this plane he became competent and later spent time in the U.S. Air Service as a pilot. After the war he built his first airfield at Crescent Blvd. [now Fairfax Ave.] and Melrose. He then bought two more Canucks and six Curtiss JN-4D's ['Jennies']. Business increased as he added equipment and in late 1918 he formed the ...

Laurel Canyon Pictures

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In the early part of the 19th century, Laurel Canyon was a rough and rustic area made up of just a few cabins—some used as hunting lodges. The hillside region was first developed by Charles Spencer Mann, an engineer and investor.  His first  development was the Lookout Mountain Inn which was quickly followed by a project called Bungalow Land. In an effort to get prospective up to this development, he built the nation’s first trackless trolley in 1913. The creation of Hollywood’s film industry also attracted residents like Errol Flynn...


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The Pantages Theater, at 6233 Hollywood Blvd. opened its doors on Jue 4, 1930. Designed by architect, B. Marcus Priteca, it was the last theater built by the vaudeville impressario Alexander Pantages.  The gorgeous art deco theater was part of the Pantages Theater Circuit.  The new Hollywood theater programmed first-run movies alternating through the day with vaudeville acts for its first two years. But like other theaters during the great depression, it was forced to economize and thereafter operated primarily as a movie theater, though live entertainment was presented occasionally.

Photos of the early days of the Pantages Theater can be seen on the

View Hollywood Sign Photos

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The Hollywood sign is the most popular icon for the community of Hollywood.  Originally built in 1923, the sign first read HOLLYWOODLAND which advertised the real estate development by the same name.  To advertise the new Beachwood Canyon real estate development, the developers, including Los Angeles Times publisher Harry Chandler and silent movie pioneer Mack Sennett, ordered a huge wooden sign built atop what is now known as Mount Lee. The mountain is named after early Los Angeles car dealer and radio station owner Don Lee.  Originally, the sign was lighted with about 4000 incandescent light bulbs, which were changed by...

Photos of Hand and Footprints at Grauman’s Chinese Theater

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There are many stories regarding the origin of the hand and footprint ceremonies at Grauman’s Chinese Theater.  At this point, we will probably never know the truth.  One thing is for certain -- Jean Klossner was hired to install the cement in the forecourt of the Chinese.  Previously, he had formulated an extremely hard and lasting concrete that he later used when installing celebrities’ hand and footprints in the forecourt. Klossner never revealed his formula for his extremely hard cement.  Also, for certain,...