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The Hollywood Photographs Blog

More Old Hollywood Photos


Until 1910, Hollywood Blvd. was known as Prospect Ave. and it was mostly residential. Here it is in 1905, looking east from Orange Dr. That is a strawberry patch in the foreground and the Hollywood Hotel in the center.


The Hollywood Bowl is, argueably, the most famous ampitheater in the country. The first Easter Sunrise Service was held in 1921 and has been held every year since then. Here is a play being performed in 1922.


More Hollywood Canteen Photos

More Hollywood Canteen Photos

The largest collection of Hollywood Canteen photos is on the website. Unquestionably, the Hollywood Canteen was Hollywood's greatest contribution to World War II. Located on Cahuenga Ave., it was founded by Bette Davis and John Garfield with the intent of providing a place for servicemen to go when in Hollywood. It opens its doors in October 1942 with a grand opening ceremony which included many Hollywood leaders businessman and entertainers. The only people, other than volunteers, who are allowed on to the first floor, were servicemen. Their uniform was their ticket to admission.

Hollywood Canteen photographs...

Vintage and Historical Hollywood Photos

Vintage and Historical Hollywood Photos

With more than 12,000 vintage and historical Hollywood photos, the website is the largest collection in the world.

Navigating the collection is extremely easy and visitors can choose from more than 90 subject categories of photographs. Some of the earliest photos, in the collection, date back to 1880, when Hollywood was known as the Cahuenga Valley. The collection is like a large time capsule with photos taken over the course of the past 130 years.

Some of the categories include photos of Hollywood's only airfields, located at Wilshire Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue. There were two airfields at this intersection -- DeMille Field #2 and the Chaplin Aerodrome.  Other categories include such famous places as the ...

Gay Pride Parade Photos

Gay Pride Parades

The world’s first actual gay pride parade that commemmorated the Stonewall riots a year earlier in New York city rolled along Hollywood Boulevard in June 28, 1970, attended by some 50,000 onlookers. The procession was officially sanctioned by the City of Los Angeles, but not without CSW founders duking it out with a homophobic L.A. Police Department (LAPD) to secure a parade permit. New York and other cities held unofficial “marches” but L.A. was the first city to have a police-approved event with a parade permit along with police protection.

Hollywood Gay Pride Parade photo

Parade Photos

In 1975 and 1977, Bruce Torrence, owner of

Hollywood Bowl Photos

Hollywood Bowl Photos

The Hollywood Bowl is arguably one of the most famous and popular amphitheaters in the world. One of the largest collections of Hollywood bowl photos is on the famous website.  Started in 1969, this popular photographic collection has more than 12,000 vintage Hollywood photos, all of which are available for purchase. Within the collection are over 225 historical photographs of the Hollywood Bowl.

Rare photo of the Hollywood Bowl

Hollywood Bowl History

The history of the Hollywood bowl began in 1919 when the theater arts alliance was formed as an outgrowth of the brotherhood players. ...

Universal Studios Photos and History

Universal Film Manufacturing Company was founded by various independent film companies, IMP (Independent Motion Picture Company)- Laemmle, Champion, NYMPC (New York Motion Picture Company)-Bison, Powers, Centaur-Nestor Film Company, Yankee, Brulator, Éclair and Rex on April 30, 1912. By the summer of 1912 IMP Company founder Carl Laemmle became its president. Laemmle had been in the retail business before he purchased with a partner his first nickelodeon in Chicago Illinois in 1906. By 1908 the Edison backed Motion Picture Trust had taken control of all motion picture rentals, camera and film stock and licensed everything to all film companies interested in the motion picture business. Carl Laemmle formed the IMP (Independent Motion Picture Company) in 1909 and began to make his own films instead of renting them from Trust controlled sources. Laemmle and the other independents revolted against this industry control and a legal battle resulted that lasted for around...

Hiking Hollywood

Hollywood Hikes

Hollywood is often seen as the grittiest, most urban part of Los Angeles. Yet Hollywood contains some of LA's greenest pastures, for hiking, dog walking, photography, or simply enjoying green space and spectacular vistas.

For many people, Hollywood hiking doesn't extend beyond strolling down Hollywood Boulevard, visiting the famous stars on the Walk of Fame, or watching wanna-bees in costume impersonate real and imaginary characters like Superman and Michael Jackson.

But leaving the flats and climbing the hills of Hollywood will bring an unexpected reward. Just above the city, where the Hollywood Hills meet the Santa Monica Mountains, a network of trails and parks puts the city below (and the Hollywood sign above) in perspective. Places like Runyon Canyon, Lake Hollywood and Griffith Park not only provide a respite from the urban jungle, but have themselves been featured in famous Hollywood productions.

Photo of Runyon Canyon entrance...

Hollywoodland Electric Sign

Hollywoodland Electric Sign

The Hollywoodland sign, which was erected in 1923, was lighted from the time the sign was completed.  It wasn’t until photos in the collection were examined that it was confirmed that the sign’s lights were installed during the last days of the sign’s construction.  Some of the photos show work men carrying lighted boxes up the hill to be installed around the perimeter of each letters. 

Photo of Construction of Hollywoodland sign

It should be pointed out that a test letter was erected to the east of where the sign was eventually erected.

The following is the text from a September 1924 article in the Practical Electrics...

Great Hollywood Photos

Photo El Capitan Theater on Vine St.

Ken Muray's "Blackouts" was the longest running show in Hollywood's History. Performed at the El Capitan Theater, on north Vine St., the "Blackouts" was similar to a vaudeville show. Starring Ken Murray and Marie Wilson, the show had scores of acts. 

Vintage photo of Hollywood Blvd.

Until 1912, Prospect Ave (now Hollywood Blvd.) was mostly residential. Here is a 1900 photo, looking...

Hollywood's First Movie Studio Photos

Nestor Film Co.

The best collection of Hollywood movie studios photos can be found on the website. There are more than 1500 vintage studio photos. The distinction of having established the first motion picture studio in Hollywood goes to the Nestor Film Company of Bayonne, New Jersey and Staten Island, New York.  The company was started by David Horsley and Charles Gorman in 1907 and was originally called the Cenatur Film Company.  Their first picture was “The Cowboy’s Escapade”, a one reeler released in September, 1908.  They produced a series of short films during the next two years but were frequently harassed by the Trust’s detectives.  Not wishing to continue the challenge, Gorman sold his interest to his partner’s brother, William.  The Brothers reorganized the company and the Nestor Film Company was born. On October 27, 1911, a...

Raleigh Studios Photographs

Raleigh Studios

Raleigh Studios is much more than bit player in the history of Hollywood. Situated at the corner of Van Ness and Melrose, across the street from iconic Paramount Pictures, its pedigree originates at the very founding of the industry.  As the longest continuously operating studio in the country, the Raleigh Studios lot played a central role in creating and supporting the modern entertainment industry. The largest collection of Hollywood Studio photos is on the website.

Early Hollywood movie studio

The Beginning

Adolf Zukor founded Famous Players in New York in 1912 in partnership...

More Mocambo Nightclub Photos

Mocambo Nightclub

Sunset Blvd. boasted of having some of Hollywood's most famous and lavish nightclubs and restaurants in the world. The Mocambo nightclub, located at 8588 Sunset Boulevard, was founded in 1940 by Felix Young and ex-agent, Charles "Charlie" Morrison. with a capacity of 150 to 175 persons, the world-renowned club became one of the favorite “haunts” of member of the movie colony. Stars such as Clark Gable, Carole Lombard, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Norma Shearer, Robert Taylor, Rita Hayworth, Barbara Stanwick, Rosalind Russell, Judy Garland, Henry Fonda, James Stewart, Errol Flynn, Victor Mature, Lana Turner and Reginald Gardiner were regular patrons who gathered there to enjoy the company of other personalities. Many photos of Mocambo Nightclub can be seen on the ...

Vintage Hollywood Theater Photos

Vintage Hollywood Theater Photographs

For years, Hollywood has some of the most gorgeous, lavish and ornate theaters in the world.  Even today, four of them are considered the most beautiful palace type theaters ever built. Hundreds of vintage Hollywood theater photos are on the website.

Vintage photo of the Hollywood Theater

Hollywood Theater

The first movie theater in Hollywood was the Idyl Hour Theater.  Established in either 1910 or 1911, it was located at 6525 Hollywood Boulevard. During its first year, the small theater was little more than a converted store with chairs, a projector and a screen. The...