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The Hollywood Photographs Blog

Great Historical Hollywood Photos

Great Historical Hollywood Photos

The largest photograph and reference collection on historical Hollywood is the website.  With more than 9000 vintage Hollywood photos, covering over 90 subject categories, the website is the best source to view old Hollywood images. All the photos are available for purchase. They offer both digital images as well as actual photographs and can be used for personal or commercial use. 

Digital Images

All the photos have been pre-scanned at 600 dpi, as tiff images.  However, if clients need images scanned at a higher resolution, it can be done. 

Actual Hollywood Photographs

In addition to digital images, offers actual photos to its clients. Photos can range from 8X10 inches to as large as 50 inches wide. The photo lab used by

Vintage Schwab's Pharmacy Photos & Images

Vintage Schwab’s Pharmacy Photos

When the widowed Lena Schwab opened a pharmacy in the 1920s to support herself and her four sons and two daughters, little did she know she had put in motion the early beginnings of a legend. All six of her children worked at the pharmacy, but it was Jack Schwab who found the Schwab's Pharmacy on Sunset Boulevard, and after Jack's death, his brother Leon took it over Leon understood the unique potential of a pharmacy nestled among the Hollywood studios, and from the first morning swabs open its doors and its counter for breakfast at 7 AM, it became the haven to hang out and the home away from home for the best and brightest of Hollywood's honchos as well as hopefulness.

Vintage photo of Schwab's Pharmacy patrons...

Hollywood Boulevard Photos & Attractions

Hollywood Boulevard Photos & Attractions

Hollywood is one of the most famous and well-known towns in the world. Because of this, Hollywood Boulevard is probably one of the most famous streets in the country.  Originally, Hollywood Blvd. was named Prospect Ave. and it was lined with residences, including the famous Paul DeLongpre home. The surface of the street was dirt or decomposed granite. Down the middle of Prospect Ave. were tracks on which the streetcars would run.  There were two commercial areas on Prospect Ave. The first was at Cahuenga Ave. where Daeida Wilcox donated and promoted this commercial area. The other was further west at the intersection of Highland Ave. It was here, on the northwest corner, that the famous Hollywood Hotel stood.

It wasn’t until 1910 that things began to...

Hollywood Walk of Fame Repairs & Photos

Hollywood Walk of Fame Repairs

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is now getting a facelift due to damage caused by recent construction and the building of the Metro rail system that was built under the sidewalk at the corner of Hollywood Blvd. and Highland Ave.  The amount of disrepair that was allowed to continue, for years, was extensive.  Over the course of the past few years, a patchwork of repairs has been undertaken.  Patching cracks and uplifts with asphalt made the sidewalk look even worse.  Here’s a photo of a chain link fence that surrounds the area being repaired.  “Millions of people from all over the world have come to Hollywood and seen the Walk of Fame, and we want to make sure that it is still here for many future generations to enjoy,” Eric Garcetti said. “For the first...

More Hollywood Studio Photos

More Hollywood Studio Photos

The website has the largest collection of Hollywood Movie Studios. With more than 1500 vintage Hollywood Studio photographs, the hollywoodphotographs website sells both digital and actual images.

Vintage photo of early Hollywood movie studio

Universal Film Manufactirung Co.

Carl Laemmle’s Universal Film Manufacturing Company acquired Hollywood’s Nestor Film Company on the northwest corner of Sunset Boulevard and  Gower Street in 1912.  At the same time Universal expanded the studio by leasing the property on the southwest corner of the same intersection.  In 1914, after producing several...

Fabulous Historic Hollywood Photos

The Bruce Torrence Hollywood Photographs Collection

For many years, the website has been the largest collection of historic, advantage and spectacular photographs of the community of Hollywood. Starting in 1970, Bruce Torrence began collecting old Hollywood images. His grandfather, Charles E Toberman, was an early pioneer in the development of Hollywood. Arriving in Hollywood in 1906, Charles went into the insurance and real estate business. His first office was located on the south east corner of Prospect and Highland Avenues and consisted of a one room wooden structure. As he began to experience success, he built a brick structure just east of his original office.

Photo of Charles E. Toberman...

Hollywood Canteen History & Photos - Part 7

Hollywood Canteen Hostory & Photos – Part 7

Hostess Committee – Doris Stein

Without a doubt, some of the brightest jewels in the Hollywood Canteen’s crown were its faithful hostesses. Between 150 to 200 of them were needed nightly to keep the Canteen running; it also took an exceptional person to run the hostesses.

That woman was Doris Stein, “the leader of the pack.” (1)  She was the wife of Jules Stein, the MCA founder who had been so helpful to Bette Davis with the Canteen startup. As the spouse of such a powerful Hollywood figure, Doris herself became an important presence in the company town. Before the opening of the Canteen, it was Doris, as head of the Hostess Committee, who sounded the call for volunteers throughout the industry, which was met with great enthusiasm.

Once the Canteen was on its feet, Doris, assisted by Florence...

Hollywood Heritage

Hollywood Heritage

Preserving historic places in Hollywood, Los Angeles's most famous neighborhood, is a big job, but Hollywood Heritage Inc. has been doing just that for 35 years. The non-profit organization is dedicated to preservation and education about the early film industry.

Through the efforts of five women, Marian Gibbons, Mildred Heredeen, Christy (Johnson) McAvoy, Frances Offenhauser, and Susan (Peterson) St. Francis who noted the lack of a preservation organization and historical society in Hollywood and used their volunteer and professional expertise to fill that void. They incorporated Hollywood Heritage Inc. in 1980, with former Los Angeles County Supervisor John Anson Ford as Chairman of the Board.  In his first message to the members, Ford stated "We must strive to preserve Hollywood's...

Classic Vintage Hollywood Photos from

Hollywood Sign photo

In 1980, Dan Finegood and other Cal State Northridge students altered the Hollywood Sign to read HOLLYWEED in commemoration of the relaxed marijuana laws in California.

Hollywood Studio Club photograph

The Hollywood Studio Club opened its doors in 1917 on San Carlos Street. Within ten years, the club out grew its old building. They built a new clubhouse on Lodi St. inthe early 1930s. Here are some of the resident girls posing by a beautiful conveertible. 

Vintage Pan Pacific Photographs...

Hollywood Canteen History & Photos - Part 6

Hollywood Canteen History & Photos

The Hollywood Canteen was turning out to be even more successful than its founders had hoped. It was reassuring to see that all the necessary elements could click in and everyone really could work together and make thousands of G.I.s  very happy. There would always be challenges, of course, and each day they would be met.  Two examples occurred early on: one was  particularly vexing; the other became a crisis. Many Hollywood Canteen photos are on the website. 

Eddie Cantor at the Hollywood Canteen photo

Board of Directors Elected

The Hollywood Canteen had no sooner been formed than the powers that ran New York’s Stage Door Canteen...

More Hollywood Sign Images

Hollywood Sign Images

Some of the most popular photos of Hollywood are of the Hollywood sign.   For some unknown reason, the Hollywood sign has become a true Hollywood icon. During the past ten years, the website has sold more than 500 vintage Hollywood Sign photos. Some have been actual prints but most have been digital images. is the largest collection of Hollywood  photos.

As most people know, the famous sign originally read HOLLYWOODLAND which was erected in 1923 as an advertising gimmick for the real estate development, of the same name.  

Historic Hollywoodland Sign photo