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The Hollywood Photographs Blog

Pictures of Hollywood Walk of Fame

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Unquestionably, the most exciting events that occur in Hollywood today are the Hollywood Walk of Fame dedication ceremonies.  These events honor celebrities in five categories of entertainment,: Motion Pictures, Television, Radio, Recording and Live Theater/Performance.  Since the first Walk of Fame stars were placed in the Hollywood Blvd. sidewalk, in 1958, there have been 2449 stars placed in Hollywood’s terrazo sidewalk -- the last being Jon Cryer.  The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce is responsible for the selection of the recipients and installation of the brass stars.  The celebrity, or his/her agent or sponsor is responsible for the cost of the star and ceremony, which amounts to approximately $30,000.



The Glamorous Hollywood Nightclubs

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During its heyday, Hollywood boasted of having the most elegant restaurants and nightclubs in the world.  Hollywood’s most glamorous celebrities used these places as their playgrounds and were envied by their fans.

The days of dazzling gowns, studio-bred elegance, and men who looked as if they wore dinner clothes every balmy night belong to a Hollywood that no longer exists and , perhaps, never did.  The Coconut Grove, the Cafe Trocadero, Ciro’s and Mocambo were the great nightclubs that dominated Los Angeles in the 1940s, a decade that saw both the zenith and decline of what we now think of as Old Hollywood.

Yet sometimes the line between real life and the movies was as thin a s piece of celluloid.  The Coconut...

Purchasing Hollywood Walk of Fame Photos is Easy

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Those who are fans of entertainment celebrities, will be interested in seeing fabulous Hollywood Walk of Fame photos on the web site.  Started by Bruce Torrence, this web site has the widest selection of Hollywood Walk of Fame photos than any other website on the internet. You can order digital images or have them print  8x10, 11x14, and 16x20 photos. No matter which size you choose you can easily create your own collection of photos from the Walk of Fame. is continuing to add Hollywood Walk of Fame photos to the web site. Recent additions include ...

Hal David To Receive Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

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The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce will honor song writer Hal David with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Friday, October 14, at 11:30 a.m. in front of The Musicians Institute at 6752 Hollywood Boulevard.   

In conjunction with the star ceremony Hal David will be honored with a musical tribute entitled “Love Sweet Love” in celebration of his 90th birthday, Monday, October 17th at the Mark Taper Forum benefitting The Blue Ribbon of the Music Center and The ASCAP Foundation.

'Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on my Head', 'This Guy’s in Love With You' and 'I'll Never Fall in Love Again' are just three of the hits in a string of standards written by Academy Award-winning lyricist Hal David.   'Raindrops', which was in the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, garnered an Oscar; “Don’t...

Garden of Allah Hotel

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During the teens, Alla Nazimova, a Russian actress, had made quite a name for herself on the New York stage.  Upon arriving in Hollywood in 1918, she paid $50,000 for a 99 year lease on an enormous Spanish house at 8150 Sunset Blvd., with three and one half acres of tropical plants, ferns fruit trees and two large Cedars guarding the entrance.  After several years in Hollywood, her manager advised her to turn her estate into a hotel so it would give her security for the rest of her life.

After months of construction to build  twenty-five villas or bungalows around the pool, Miss. Nazimova’s Garden of Allah Hotel opened on February 9, 1927 with an eighteen hour party.  Entertained by troubadours playing madrigals from the...


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Are you looking for Walk of Fame pictures? If you are then you can order them from  Hundreds of stars have been given the chance to end up on this walk of fame, including Herb Alpert, Milissa Gilbert, Larry Hagman, Iron Eyes Cody, Sidney Poitier, Beverly Garland, and many more. You can order your walk of fame...

Purchase Hollywood Sign Pictures

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Hollywood’s most famous icon is the Hollywood Sign.  Built in 1923, the sign originally read HOLLYWOODLAND, which was the name of the real estate development just below the sign.  The sign was originally made of telephone poles, wood cross bracing, wire cables and faced with perforated sheet metal.  The purpose for the perforation was to allow the wind through pass through the sheet metal.  The sign was illuminated with about 4000 incandescent light bulbs, which were changed our by Albert Kothe when the bulbs burned out.  The illumination only lasted a very few years. ...

Romanoff's Restaurant

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Romanoff'sTo an industry driven by fantasy and imaginary, Romanoff's was a perfect fit. The Beverly Hills Restaurant was the name sake and invention of a self-declared prince with a personality big enough to dazzle the town's most important movers and shakers.  Competing studio heads, Daryl Zanuck and Jack Warner were among those who put up the money fro Romanoff's in Beverly Hills, and 'Prince' Mile Romanoff became a celebrity.

Romanoff was born Hershel Geguzin in Lithuania in 1890 and immigrated to New York City at age ten and changed his name to Harry F. Gerguson sometime after 1900.  His father was a tailor and Harry became a pants presser. At some point, he claimed to be Prince Michael Dimitri Alexandrovich Obolensky-Romanoff, nephew of Tsar Nicholas II. The fact was, no one cared whether or not Romanoff was Prince Romanoff...

See Hollywood Blvd. Pics

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If you are looking for pictures of Hollywood Blvd, you can find what you need and more when you visit There are so many photographs to choose from to help give you an idea what Hollywood Boulevard was like back in the day, and to give you a view of how it is different from Hollywood today. You will find a wide variety of Hollywood Blvd. pics when you visit the Hollywood Photographs website, and you will find plenty to choose from for your own personal collection as well as for commercial use. You will find photos and reference information from as early as 1890, and you can find snapshots from north, south, east, and west.

Viewing and ordering...

Hollywood Sign Neighbors Hate Tourists

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Tourists who want to experience the real Hollywood might want to make a stop at a Fountain Avenue community room on Tuesday.  That's where Hollywood residents and Los Angeles leaders will debate how best to deal with hordes of sightseers who daily clog the narrow hillside streets beneath the Hollywood sign.

Residents and officials agree that GPS devices, websites and a proliferation of tour bus and van operators have opened the 87-year-old neighborhood to growing numbers of visitors who want to get as close as possible to the iconic sign. That's prompted some in the area to post their own signs. 'Warning — Tourist-Free Zone — All Tourists Leave the Area,' orders one. 'Tourists Go Away,' states another.

Earlier this year...

The Hollywood Canteen - Famous Place or Warner Bros. Film?

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While it is true that The Hollywood Canteen could refer to either the Warner Brothers 1944 film, “The Hollywood Canteen”, which was directed by Delmar Daves,  or the famous hangout for servicemen during WWII. The  Hollywood Canteen was a place that provided dancing and entertainment, as well as food, to servicemen and women in all branches of the service. The only thing a person needed to get in was a his uniform. There was no charge to get into the Canteen and the cigarettes, food and coffee were all free. The Hollywood Canteen was located on Cahuenga Ave, just south of Sunset Blvd.  Thousands of Hollywood Canteen photographs were taken during the time it existed

Started by ...

Moulin Rouge Hollywood

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Frank Sennes took over former Earl Carroll Theater in 1953, and it became the center of night life gaiety in Hollywood. An extensive remodeling campaign was undertaken which included expanding the seating capacity to 1250, making it the largest theater-restaurant in the world.
After months of construction, booking the various acts, hiring the dances, designing and making the costumes, and developing a production, Frank Sennes' Moulin Rouge opened its doors on the 25th of December, 1953.
From the beginning, Sennes was dedicated to the policy of providing the finest stage entertainment available. During the seven years of its illustrious existence, the Moulin Rouge presented countless...

Buddy Holly Receives Posthumous Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

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The Hollywood Walk of Fame star unveiled Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2011, in honor of pioneering rocker Buddy Holly was a bittersweet moment for Maria Elena Holly, the woman who spent less than six months as his wife and the ensuing 52 years as his widow after the Feb. 3, 1959, plane crash that took his life, which “American Pie” singer-songwriter Don McLean famously immortalized as “the day the music died.”

“One of his dreams was to write scores for movies and to come to Hollywood and make his mark,” Holly, 78, said during the midday ceremony outside the Capitol Records tower before a crowd of a couple hundred fans and several dozen guests from the entertainment world and local politics. The ceremony was held on what would...

Ed O'Neill Receives Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

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Ed O'Neill received the 2,446th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Tuesday, honoring a career highlighted by his portrayal of harried shoe salesman Ed Bundy on the Fox comedy 'Married... With Children.'

Katey Sagal, who portrayed his obnoxious wife, Peg, on 'Married... With Children,' and Sofia Vergara, who portrays his wife, Gloria, on his current series, the ABC comedy 'Modern Family,' joined O'Neill in speaking at the late-morning ceremony, along with 'Modern Family' co-creator and executive producer Steve Levitan.In tribute to his 'Married... With Children' character, the ceremony was held in front of the DSW Shoe Warehouse at 7021 Hollywood Blvd.

Born April 12, 1946, in Youngstown, Ohio, O'Neill played football at Youngstown State University....

More Walk of Fame Photos for Purchase

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The history of Hollywood is so much more than just amazing films. The Hollywood Walk of Fame honors people in the entertainment industry in five different categories. Joanne Woodward was the first celebrity to pose with a Walk of Fame star.. She was one of eight celebrities to be selected to have their names placed in the new Walk of Fame.   
The first eight stars were dedicated in September, 1958 and placed in the sidewalk on the northwest corner of Hollywood Blvd. and Highland Ave. They were installed several months prior to the official 1960 Walk of Fame ground-breaking so as to be ready...