Digital Images vs. Actual Photographs


All our photographs have been scanned at 300 dpi and at the highest quality. Digital images are sent to the customer as an email attachment, which can be downloaded to the customer's computer.


In addition to providing digital images, we can print actual 8X10, 11X14, 16X20, 20X24, 24X30, 28X35 and larger photographs from our vast negative collection. The following fee schedule includes the use/licensing fee, printing and sales tax.

8X10 (Personal Use) -- $80 (includes shipping)
8X10 (Commercial Use) -- $105 (includes shipping)

11X14 (Personal Use) -- $102
11X14 (Commercial Use) -- $130

16X20 (Personal Use) -- $135
16X20 (Commercial Use -- $160

20X24 (Personal Use) -- $160
20X24 (Commercial Use) -- $185

24X30 (Personal Use) -- $180
24X30 (Commercial Use) $210

28X35 (Personal Use) -- $215
28X35 (Commercial Use -- $240

The shipping, per order, is as follows (shipped USPS). Fed Ex is also available for an additional fee. All photographs are shipped in protective containers.

11X14 -- $10
16X20 -- $15
20X24 -- $20
20X24 -- $20
28X35 -- $25

Note: Please call (760) 937-6850 for additional information or to place an order for photographs over 8X10 inches.


All the photographs, in the collection, are also available at higher resolutions (either jpeg or tif formats). The fee to rescan photographs, at a higher resolution, is $25, per image. Higher resolution images are sent as an email attachment and can be downloaded to the customer's computer.